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Technically failing to stop I'd an offence though moreso only a picky policeman would punish you for it.

At the end of the day if you don't stop, yes you have committed an offence but only a peeved pedestrian and a lack of any evidence would mean that nothing would happen. Though if you knock someone off the crossing cyclist it otherwise then you can expect any punishment thrown lol

I always stop and wait for the cars to stop. I dread to think the number of times I would have been killed if I hadn't.

It's down to choice, fail to stop and run the risk your caught out breaking the law or just slam the anchors on.

I go on the basis of safety. I have gone straight on at a zebra crossing if someone has walked from the inside edge of a wide footpath straight to the crossing! (that's like crossing a four lane carriageway in my opinion lol) but I could have stopped and caused a big accident. It's not safe so I didn't do it.

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Yesterday, 11:03 AM

Must admit, crashing a car park or killing someone who saunters into the road. I will take the car crash.
The problem is these idiots are bred to believe they are untouchable...

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21 May 2015 - 09:08 PM

Lol. Must admit as extreme as it may be it was an awesomely cryptic conundrum.


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21 May 2015 - 08:51 PM

I believe site management are liaising with the tapatalk support teams regarding rhis

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21 May 2015 - 08:48 PM

Correct ! !
At long last, anyone would think this wasn't a Ford owners site !
Divinely inspired = the project name for the Ford Consul Cortina was '' Archbishop ''
The Consul part was dropped soon after launch & one of the best selling cars of the 60's ,70's & 80's was born, over 2.6 million sales in 5 marks.
Loosely inebriated = pi$$ed = piste = ski resort, the Cortina was named after Cortina d'ampezzo in Italy
Preserve vessel = jam jar = car.
My first car in 1979.

What the bleedin hell degree do you need in life to figure those clues out lol.

Cryptic Is one thing but that, was sealed and armed guard transported either side of the world by every army of the world, encrypted with 9 countries collaboration...

Made mission impossible look like it was completed by a toddler.