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In Topic: Tax Disc No More

Today, 08:19 PM

I'm going to leave mine in and design my own tax disc just to see how u can confuse people

In Topic: Tax Disc No More

Today, 07:38 PM

They normally do that as it's easy advertisement they get their name and number in your car so it's one of the first things you see when you're in a crisis more revenue for them. They will still fit those things in years to come I suspect

In Topic: Mother Chuffing Corsa!

Today, 07:30 PM

Couldn't agree more with you guys.!

In Topic: Tax Disc No More

Today, 06:01 PM

It's a good job they don't have rules of 'only tax issued after this date need not be displayed' wouldn't you just hate to have bought your disc today and you have 5.9 months to go before your free....

In Topic: Mother Chuffing Corsa!

Today, 05:59 PM

Haha cheers guys, ye ah Sean the words of my kids could have been in there is a phrase that was used. The sad thing is, I rolled forward a few Inches a short while before he lost it. If the kids where in there he would have collided with the rear quarter and door potentially trapping that door closed and almost certainly writing it off.

This could have been so much worse that is true.

Ian, as for the evidence, it supports the fact he talks out of the side of his back. He claimed there was another vehicle following him down the road and it's his fault he was going so fast. The video proves no such vehicle existed... And unless the mere 114 seconds later was outrun by a 19 year old in a corsa by a good 390mph to put that gap there....

The photos, scenario and now witness testimony prove it's not my fault, but the fact the video further proves lies means it's just one more round of laughter by everyone involved.