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Mother Chuffing Corsa!

28 September 2014 - 01:53 PM

My hatred towards corsa has once again been reiterated. My wife and I had a lovely weekend in a very luxurious hotel. On the way home, one of their ex employees who so happened to be picking things up decided his corsa and he were capable of taking a bad corner at 26mph. Sadly my car was in his way. I type this whilst laying in hospital strapped up and neck and spine immobilised...

Long day...


Focus Mk3 - Egr Blanking On A 1.6Tdci

26 September 2014 - 04:20 PM



Has anyone done an EGR blank on a MK3 1.6tdci?


A colleague at work has the car and has mentioned he gets stutters, I suspect the EGR may be at fault! I was chatting away to him about the EGR blanking plate and hes up for the idea, but I just want to check if anyone else has done it on theirs, and if they used a solid plate with no EML?


Ta :)

Reviews Thread

19 September 2014 - 11:05 PM

Hi Guys,


So I am trying to sort out a thread where if you are looking at new hardware, then you can come here for members reviews on various items we have all bought!


if you write a review then let me know and I can add it to the list. It doesnt need to be just car related, if you buy yourself a great value phone, camera etc, anything you think was fantastic quality at a bargain price and want to review it, put it up!


So here goes:




With Screen: GS8000L  ||  i1000L  || 

Without Screen: Mobius









Seriously Contemplating A Tuning Box

10 September 2014 - 11:33 AM

So, I found myself bored in a meeting at work this morning, and started thinking about tuning boxes.


for £82 I could get this:http://www.ebay.co.u...:X:eRTM:GB:1123


Had it confirmed that it is definately going to do my car, but I am lacking one thing which is stopping me hitting buy! I cant find anyone on the net who has said what the MPG improvement was realistically. I came across one person who said their berlingo gained an extra 100 miles in fuel, but thats all I got!


If I knew what the realistic economy improvement was, I would happily buy it, knowing that I might need to offset the loss for say 1 month, but then after that I am in nothing but profit! but I just cant find these answers!


Has anybody used a box similar to the above on their Ford (preferably mondeo) and can you advise if you got any decent fuel returns.


My current maths is this: so if anyone can correct me... :)


If I do 650 miles on a £90 tank, that works out as 45 MPG.

If I break that down (by diving the Miles Per Gallon, by 4.546 - the number of litres in a gallon) I get a result of 9.89 Miles per litre.


If I now divide that by the approximate price of 143p (the cost of one litre of fuel) that works out at approximately 14.44 pence per mile.


Now If I take an average of 100 miles gained from a tuning box, that means every tank of fuel would save me £14.44p. On that basis, it would take me circa 5 fillups to pay for the box, and anything after that is a saving :), that would probably mean that after Christmas I would be quids in :D presuming I actually get 100 miles extra per tank!


06 September 2014 - 09:45 PM

I found today a rather interesting and painful day! Had the wife and kids in the car and we headed out to the local Asda about 8 mile away...

Got on the motorway and all was fine, overtook a car no problem, moved back over and pop! Dislocated my shoulder at 70mph! Needless to say it hurt! No one can drive so I had to keep going with my right arm seized in a chicken wing posture lol.

Driving one armed is hard with a manual but other than high revs my driving seemed relatively good lol

Anyone else had anything similar happen to them?