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Dagnabit - Interior Panels And Tracker!

Yesterday, 01:29 PM

So I installed a tracker with great success, but it seems the tracker has somehow moved and has now fallen in between the outer rear quarter, and the interior panel! because they are welded or secured together, I now cant get at the tracker! there is an access part which is tiny at the top, I can get my hands in, but cant get down to the tracker. bought a claw grabber tool, and the claw isnt wide enough (and your working blind!)


so now I have a £40 tracker stuck and I cant get at it!


I am becoming irritated now!


Anyone got any thoughts? I have tried wrapping double sided tape around the grabber, and going underneath the car, through the cable grommet, and attached it to the tracker, but its not strong enough to bond to it and push it up, I have also tried fishing it out from the top with absolutely no success!


there is insulation material behind it, so plasma cutting an access panel is out of the question I suspect, I certainly dont have any steel cutting tools to put to use, so I am stuck with trying to fish it out I think!

Key Has To Be Reminded It Can Work!

Yesterday, 10:19 AM

Wonder if anyone else has seen this... Or has any idea's!


Yesterday, I unlocked the car per the norm, when I tried to lock the doors again, it didnt lock! Normally this is a sign the doors arent secured, but I didnt even hear it try to click!


So I thought battery must be dead. Left it till home time.


Heading out to the car, monsoon weather arrived - great! of the days I would love to click and jump in, this just had to happen! so I drove off and buy some new batteries. Fitted and.... Nothing!


So I throw the car into pairing mode, press the button.... Nothing!


Thinking the key must have had it, I drove home, locked up the old fashioned way, and then got the spare.


Unlocked the car with the spare - worked first time, locked it again. worked.... Tried my flip key and all of a sudden, it works!!! 


So, I took both keys with me this morning. Tried to unlock the car with the flip key again, nothing! none of the buttons work, then, as soon as I click unlock with my other key, the flip key starts working perfectly!!!


Anyone heard of this? it could be an intermittent remote, but I dont understand how using the other key can make the flip one work!!!

Belated But Interesting Read

30 August 2015 - 07:38 AM


All I can say is thank you team!

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Word Association

22 August 2015 - 07:57 AM

This just popped up on my tapatalk feed, looks like a good idea so going to play it with a twist.

Pick the first word that pops into your head and put it down here. So if the first word was evil, your response could be corsa or vauxhall lol. The plan is to try and keep it car related :)

So to start off....


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Turbo And Egr

23 July 2015 - 03:03 PM

So, After watching a video previously, I began to understand that the EGR gasses where introduced AFTER the turbo and where not injected into it.... Right?


Well... thats the question!? Does it go in before the turbo and travel through, or does it go after?


So I have had a look and most the info I can find suggests it goes in after.... So I want to see what other people thing...


Hopefuly Mondeo TXS 2.2  comes along and joins in, as we did kinda hijack that other thread, though it was related... :P lol


So, heres one quote from another forum


2. The exhaust is added to the high-pressure air as it goes into the intake manifold, after the turbo compressor and after the intercooler, the last thing before the engine itself. The exhaust doesn't go through the intercooler. The exhaust is coming from the high-pressure side of the exhaust manifold, before it goes out through the turbo.


So, that seems to agree with what I understand...


 Turbo or turbine air induction does not mix with EGR and modern clean diesel requirements.


that was a comment from a youtube tutorial...


I am curious... first off... does it actually go into the turbo, and secondly, what is everyone else s belief? I was always dubious about things like turbo cleaners in the oil tank, it never made sense, I knew the EGR spewed gas out and back in, but I was never sure whether it was re-injected prior to, or after the turbo, but I must admit, I always thought it was after...


Will be interesting to get peoples thoughts :)