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Would You Advertise With Your Car?

25 March 2015 - 12:32 PM

Hi Guys,


Well, an email dropped in my inbox the other day and mentioned something odd I have wondered for some time!


Basically there are companies out there who will pay you to wrap your car (from small decals to full wraps) to advertise something for a business. I must admit, I am even part tempted to look into this much further!


they can pay up to £250 per month for an advert on your car! they pay the wrapping costs and insure the damage to the wrap, the only catch is that you are tied into that advert and cannot do anything until its expired. so for example, you cant buy now, wrap the car and sell the car part way through the process. Since I plan on running Mindel into the ground, I was tempted to see if they would do this...


So anyone thought of it? or am I a lone wolf in this lol.


On a plus side you get to pick the advert that goes on the car, but the more vinyl they put, the more you get paid.

Dentists Do My Head In!

25 March 2015 - 12:10 PM

Is it just me, or are dentist just frustrating!?!?!


I have had a problem with my jaw for a few years, and recently its just been getting worse. I phoned my GP who said I need to go to my dentist, so I called my dentist...


I have an appointment in 3 weeks anyway, but as the pain and problems are here and now, I dont really want to wait till then! but if you want to see your dentist, you have to pay. I dont want them to do any work in my mouth, I only want them to squeeze me in, talk to me, find out what problems they are having and refer me to maxofacial as they did 3 years ago. But to see them, they will only do so when they do a standard checkup, meaning I have to pay to speak to a dentist.


WHY?!?!?!? Its an NHS Dentist... I dont have to pay to see my NHS GP, I dont have to pay when I see a Doctor in the Hospital, nor do I have to pay for A&E or any other service, so why on earth do I have to pay to talk to an NHS dentist :@


Dont get me wrong - treatment yes! if your not going to look after your teeth and they have to do something to get it sorted, drill out decay, do a polish blah blah, yes, that is treatment, but because my jaw is in agony from an inherited condition (not something I have caused) and I have been doing the excercises to strengthen it (moreso recently) then why do I have to pay to see my dentist?



Good On Kent Police

24 March 2015 - 10:09 PM


Just saw this... Glad Kent Police caught him...

Fact he's doing 140 is stupid, but that didn't bother me (traffic was light) but to do it with a six year old on the front seat, that guy should have been shot at dawn.

What amuses me is that's the same spot I got blues on my tail doing over 100 years ago and thankfully was let off.... But I wouldn't have even done 100 with the kids in the car, let alone 140 front seat.

And how the bleedin hell he got away with a three year ban and community hours is beyond comprehension...

Cheap Isn't Always Nasty!

24 March 2015 - 02:31 PM

I just thought I would come here and sing the praises of the budget brakes I bought recently.


My car went in for its service, and as they do (they are 'mechanics' afterall) they did the old sucking through gritted teeth noise when it came to a few points. One was the brakes. They were 95% worn front and rear! 


Having had them quote me in excess of £400 for disks and pads on all corners, I set out bargain hunting and came across these:




They dont look like much do they? But when I got the pack it was 2 rear disks branded "blue print" I think it was, and the fronts and pads were all drivetec I believe...


So having attempted to fit them myself, and still suffering whiplash, I gave up shortly after staring as I was unable to loosen the calipers... But either give up or injure myself was the option, so I took the easy way out. I called around a few places, and found an excellent garage nearby, they fitted all pads and disks for £70 and did a great job...


Got back in the car, and initially I thought I had made a mistake! the brakes where slow to respond and they needed stomping on to bring me to a halt. However, as with all new pads and disks, you need to let them bed in, so I persisted, driving carefully, slowly and just lightly applying the brakes. A few days passed and the difference is immense!


The brakes are sharp, and solid, they give me confidence that when I touch the pedal I will slow down and stop. They bite together exceptionally well and now that I have really bed them in, I feel like I am in a new car! 


So the car goes in for its MOT next week, and now Ford cant jump on me and charge me the £400 odd quid! so the next job is to get a part worn tyre (yeah I know, but seriously, money is tight!) and a re-balance / alignment, and the car should just sail through the MOT. Ford quoted me over £600 to get the car through the MOT, I will have got it done for just over £200.


So, just because its not well branded, doesnt mean its not a worth while investment! :D

Good News For Parking

11 March 2015 - 09:42 PM



about time they allowed grace periods!