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Question For Our Police Friends I Suppose!

28 August 2014 - 09:37 AM

Clive, Dave and all other police friends we have!


Got a quick question to see what your thoughts are on a scenario (and anyone else for that matter :))


My wife has asked me if she can "try" driving my car. She hasnt the foggiest clue how she will get on, doesnt want to buy a driving license straight away as she really doesnt know if she will want to, but she wants to see how she feels sat behind the wheel and moving the car around to see if she has any confidence at all to learn to drive formally and properly.


My thoughts were along the lines of finding an empty car park, and letting her sit behind the wheel and potter around in first gear just moving the car around, practicing stopping and starting the car by learning how to use the clutch etc. The thing is, I cant insure her (as she doesnt have or want a license right now) and I cannot think of any publically accessible private land around me other than car parks for the likes of a supermarket.


If I was to take her to an empty / mostly empty car park, drop her behind the wheel and let her try not to crash my motor (yeah, how brave am I being?) would this be permitted? my workplace has a barrier controlled car park, so I am thinking if a general public car park is not good enough, perhaps taking her to my works car park will be a much better chance. Its got a few obstacles (to my fear!) and it is privately owned and inaccessible to the public, so think this would be the best chance for her to see if she can / wants to drive, and to see if investing in the appropriate paperworks are worth doing! I dont really want to throw £100+ at the idea that she gets behind the wheel and decides "absolutely not!". The good thing is that our car park at work will be 99.9% empty if nothing else, and is quite large, and with me holding the handbrake to force the car to a halt (by stalling if necessary) I can ensure that no damage will befall anyone elses property (or mine!).


So what do you think, would it be permitted, or am I looking at a confession of attempting to break the law :P

Police Wasting 100,000 A Year In Fuel!

04 August 2014 - 11:12 AM

So I popped over the cafe today, and in the famous paper which contains the infamous page 3, I found an article which was an interesting read.


I believe this is specific to London, but if you consider the figures of other forces running it across the country...


So basically the police (specifically the MET it would seem) use "runlock", keeping the engine ticking over all day and night in order to maintain the computer and systems alive. However, I must admit, I am not fond of this. Wasting £100,000 alone is clearly a bad thing, but the engines in use on the BMW X5's run through 1.5 litres of diesel an hour. The environment is suffering and clearly this is something that should be considered?


The reason the police use this is because it keeps the systems alive, controlling sirens and the OBC, which I agree need to be accessible at all times, but I think the cost is really something that needs to be considered.


Why should the car be locked up overnight, not in use and with the engine running? Surely it makes more sense to power the car off altogether, computer and all, then, when your due on shift, someone goes around, starts the motors and lets them boot up whilst you suit up? Also, the cars have beefed up batteries and alternators, surely there should be a way to have the computer systems running off a seperate chargeable battery when the car is off altogether, so you can leave the car, still running the electrics but without discharging the battery and without the cost of the environment? all you need to do is setup the second battery to be subcharged from the alternator, then using the likes of the stop and go technology, when the battery level is A-OK, keep the other batteries getting juice, then when the battery level drops too much then initiate the runlock, auto starting the engine, charging the batteries, and when they are back to 100% each, shutdown the car and repeat the cycle? surely this has to be a better answer?


All in, the computer stays on, the car stays ready for action, and all it takes is about 3 seconds for the key to go in, start the car drop in gear and hit the gas if the car is needed somewhere...

Car Conundrums!

24 July 2014 - 09:56 PM

So here is another game that I wonder how well it will take off. So heres the rules, it can be with regards to any part of the car, any aspect of the car and any car for that matter, its just a brainteasing session, whoever gets the teaser right, gets to pose the next one! These are Car Conundrums and so should remain motor vehicle related, and you must have a pointer clue in the name as to where the answer can be found (and it cant be "Haynes Manual" :P)


So heres the first brainteaser - Good luck!




I start high lower down the speedo, but get lower as the speedo gets higher and I reset between gears


I am two words, and can be found on Torque....


What am I?

Close To Disaster? Confessions!

24 July 2014 - 09:51 PM

OK, so here we are... I want to start a confessions thread, based on a very foolish.... n'ay - stupid blunder I made earlier!


So I got given by a friend an alloy from a MK3 mondeo, I am looking to get a new tyre chucked on there so that I have a spare decent full size in the car, rather than the cheapo space saver!


Anyway... At lunchtime I went out, took the driver front wheel off and put the spare alloy on (no tyre, I just wanted to make sure it did fit! so I popped the wheel back on, finger tightened the nuts, put everything away and went back to the office!


Got in the car and started driving home - after about 7 miles I noticed a slight vibration in the wheel - thankfully I was on the side / country roads and never got any great speed up! the second I felt the vibration it was like a metaphorical facepalm moment, so I dropped the speed to 20mph (much to the delight of the drivers behind me!) and pulled in at the next village and into a siding, got the extendable wheel wrench out and finished the job I started many hours ago, all of them took a good one full turn!


So, that was my moment, I will blame the heat as it was hot, and it was a very special act!!!


Only about 5 minutes from a motorway, if the vibration didnt start then, I would have been on the motorway and potentially with a much worse outcome!


So, cmon, confession time! whats the daft things you have done!

So Tempted To Jack My Car In!!!

23 July 2014 - 01:00 PM

As the title says, I am just so tempted to say stuff it and get my car sent back to the trader and just get shot... the only reason I havent is because I love the car, and dont think I could get another decent mondy for the same money!!!


So, as some of you will be aware I have had a few issues with my car since I bought it. One of which was the Air Conditioning and the other is the airbag light.


The car went to the same "recommended" garage by the trader who sold me the car, and they "fixed" the air con, yet I somehow doubt that. The air con was working great until recently when once again it stopped working! the airbag needs a new loom, again which this "recommended" garage was going to do, but to prevent boring you with the details, there is a Saga ongoing and I wouldnt touch them with a petrol and matches in hand!!!


So, now I have the aircon that was "fixed" and now isnt, and arguing with the trader to get someone else to look at it, and also the airbag needs sorting. He is going to try and sort out another garage to fix the airbag and review the aircon, but I wont hold my breathe that the aircon will be fixed at his expense.


The cheek of it though, was that the trader told me to take my car back to the idiots who stole it, and so far have not completed a job correctly, for them to fix the damned problems that they didnt fix in the first place! I told him in no uncertain terms a few other words along with No, and also emphasised that I wasnt going to take my car in for an air con fix and come out with my brakes slashed, especially as I have police action ongoing at this time.


I seriously wonder sometimes....


I will keep my other thoughts clear on this but for now, I just dont know what to do, I dont have the money to fix these otherwise I would take it to Ford and let them deal with it.