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Excellent Buy

Yesterday, 09:36 PM

Hi Guys.


Just found a windows 8.1 tablet PC on alibaba - http://www.aliexpres...2289746534.html


Its £48 for a sufficient device!


I am thinking it could well come in handy as a Forscan device running in the car, maybe even elm config, would be more portable than using a laptop!

Hahaha Hahaha

27 February 2015 - 03:49 PM

So I'm on the train back from hospital, a guy walks past and puts a pack of tissues with a printed note... Didn't get time to take a photo of the note, but it said 'please help me, I have no money, and no job, I have a family but can't support them, please can you help me, by buying these tissues.

Ok so let's analyse this, no money, but can buy tissues to sell, and can afford a computer and printer to distribute the notes. The cards where guillotine cut and perfect squares, so it's not a home made effort... Also he can afford the train journey up and down from London to Sevenoaks and back, or at least can afford the hundred quid fine plus ticket price.... He has a family, but didn't have any pictures, you would have at least one...

I had a snuffly nose and it's been doing my head in all the journey, and since I'm impressed with his creativity and attempted emotional blackmail, but moreso my need to blow the snot out.... I decided why not. Gave him a quid for effort lol...

I'm I. Pressed by his business acumen though, it's thinking like this that probably keeps him off the streets lol

Service Gone Expensive!

18 February 2015 - 07:30 PM

Just had my car back from its 10 year service (122k miles...) and its looking interesting for the MOT
Advisories include:
1 tyre needed (2.0mm across)
Wheel allignment needs doing (rear toe is past 16 degrees)
sidelamp bulbs need replacing (one so may as well do both!) - currently LED's though
Rear plate bulbs flickering (LED Bulbs again)
Coolant staining around engine metail pipe housing (its fine because the leak is plugged anyway!)
battery jump post strap loose, not securing (I dont know if they mean the post itself, or the earthing strap, as the earth strap needs tightining up with a proper bolt, its currently bodged lol)
12v live on battery not totally tightening (they refer again to none ford battery!)
Brake fluid replacement (£45)
Cambelt / Chain renew - Unquoted! (gulps)
Rear brake discs and pads need replacing (95% worn!) quoted £189
Front brake discs and pads need replacing (£229)
Rear Exhaust Pipe going into rear box corroding - £264
Both rear trailing arm bushes starting to seperate - £690
Sump Pan corroded but no leaks     yet  - £421.24
So total cost for all parts repaired - £1882!
Thinking I will be tackling some if not most of these jobs myself! I found a full set of disks and pads for £100, as I cant afford the 50 - 70 per corner, I think they will have to do! even then I recon I could still get a good 50k miles out of them!
As for the exhaust pipe, the trailing arm bushes and sump plug... who knows!
Haynes, Here I Come!

Found A Pretty Cool Online Shop....

17 February 2015 - 03:03 PM

I was browsing facebook and found an advert, didnt think much of it, but browsed it anyway, and came across a few interesting things:




I have found loads of small mods for dirt cheap, alright they come in from abroad, but I am impressed with the amount of stuff they have on there...


I might make up a wishlist and see how much its going to cost me :P

Top Gear

16 February 2015 - 10:21 AM

So I am sat playing catch up on this season of top gear...


1) I am impressed with Ed Sheeran, he is such a down to earth guy! he bought cars for his soundcrew because they are cars they always wanted!

2) I loved watching Ed Sheeran's "Driving Lesson" where he pummelled the Astra across the fields :D


Anyone else enjoyed these parts :D