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Apple Racism Row...

12 November 2015 - 08:10 PM

I do not condone racism, however I feel everyone is far too quick to jump to the assumption everything is racist. A group of teenagers where in the apple store in Melbourne and were asked to leave because staff felt they may steal something.

That's not the greatest mentality I must admit though it's just an act of over caution. At no point have I read the store made any racial comments or insinuated the reason they thought they may steal something was due to them being 'black', yet they seem to have made this assumption and made the employee out to be racist.

If it transpires the store made a direct racial comment I retract my statement, but I hate that people jump on the 'oh it must be racism' train. If I worked at Apple, and a group of teens walked in the store, black, white, purple, pink or whatever, I would immediately be cautious too, even if it was a group of middle aged men as opposed to teens.

Racism is wrong I agree, but assuming Racism also needs to stop. People lose jobs and it impacts their lives and families, because narrow minded assumptions are made.

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Free Mobile Network

09 November 2015 - 05:22 PM

Hi Guys,


For those of you skin flints out there (myself included!) there is a new network which has recently arrived in the UK. Not sure if you have ever heard of them, bu they have been big in the US for the last three years, and they are growing phenomenally quick.


The company is Freedom Pop - all you need is a smart phone (normal phones will not work).


You sign up, and you have three options - Free, 1GB (£8) or 2GB (£11).


The free package gives you 200 mb data, 200 minutes and 200 texts. 

1GB gives you a thousand of each, and the 2GB two thousand of each.


Not a bad deal really!


I used to use Samba Mobile before they bunked out, but this looks like a good alternative.


So if you need a cheap package, all you have to pay is about £7 up front (sim activation and delivery) and then the rest is free.


I will probably be getting one towards the end of the month. If nothing else I might set it up in the car as a basic internet connection. as you can earn more internet by doing surveys and watching stuff and other jazz, you can build up a nice bit of data. Though mine will be predominantly for my dash droid, so it has a network connection for the likes of the satnav traffic, and things like that.


Anyway, have a look and enjoy the freedom!

Ausdom A261 Dashcam - Review

28 October 2015 - 10:30 PM

Hi Guys,
I am trying a bit more of a formal and "proper" review stance for this product. I hope you like it! Just for reference, I do not work for, nor am I directly affiliated with gearbest.com, they saw my review of the GS8000L right here on the forum, and offered me the opportunity to review some of their products, and they sent me the below. I hope you enjoy the review!

All views expressed in this review, are those of the author, and do not represent the views of FordOwnersClub.com, forum management, staff or any approved affiliate of the forum. The relationship between the author and GearBest.com as the supplier of the camera is solely independent. The forum does not sponsor, nor endorse the product reviewed below, any such endorsements are solely of the author.
The Ausdom is an Ultra HD camera, with 2.0 inch TFT screen, High Dynamic Range, Parking Monitor,GPS, Collision and Lane departure warnings... All for less than your fuel tank holds!



​Courtesy of my friends at GearBest.com, I have been provided this astonishing litle camera for my abuse, and hopefully your awe inspirement. GearBest are a fast-growing online retailer offering some of the hottest and coolest gear around at great prices. Take a look at the camera  http://goo.gl/RGDeQ2.

This camera comes with a multi - lingual instruction manual, Covering English, Russian, French and Spanish. Lack of spellchecker and proof reading are the only real let down here in the English section, reading French, Spanish and Russian isn't my strong suit! But never the less, you get a clear understanding of whats being explained.

Opening the box:
Here's the kit all laid bare. With an uninspiring box (though the holographic stickers are shiny) you get;


​The Ausdom A261 DVR, a 12v - USB converter, a 3.6 metre USB lead for operating the camera in car (charging lead), a 1.2 metre USB lead for connecting to your PC, suction mount, user manual and CD with the software.

With a 90 degree twistlatch to secure the windscreen mount, it offers a nice quick and simple attachment, different from the usual push down to lock in place. A small feature, which offers a more unique quality to the camera assembly. Even the battery life is excellent for a dashcam, 21 minutes of recording, including three minutes of screen on, full display, with the remaining 18 minutes with the screen off, from a 250 mAh battery, that's not too bad with full HD. 

The camera also comes with a piece of software allowing you to playback the video and the GPS feedback simultaneously.

Not only that, but you get collision detection warning system - a functionality you can enable when you are not running HDR mode. A quickly stopped vehicle, or wandering driver, it should alert you to he presence of this with a two tone bong. Most effective during the day, though during the night its more likely to detect the car in front of you leaving, rather than stopping..

Lane Departure Warning System, performed admirably, when I tested it, I managed to wander about half a foot into another lane before it set off the two tone bong, trying to wake me up.

Both systems are rudimentary, but never the less are a very usable feature. This is however, at the cost of the High Dynamic Range, so the colours are less vibrant, but for an electrical pair of eyes watching over you? I think its a fair trade.

This camera, is in the upper market price bracket, at the time of writing, its$129.99/  £85. Currently, GearBest have a deal on the camera until 30th November 2015 - using coupon code AUSDOM261, you can get the camera for $86.99, around £57. A great number of features boasting a small price tag!

Build Quality:
The build quality is impressive, it has a reassuring weight to it, small details, how the front of the camera looks like an SLR camera. The small box of tricks hosts clear buttons and simplicity in its menu structure. Even small details, such as the mettalic paint job on the front of the camera. A smalll touch adding further quality to the device.

The camera offers a clear and crisp picture during the day, showing the great 130 degree span at its finest. Catching more of the surroundings, and ensuring the best view for any mishaps which may occur. Then you move into dusk and night mode, and you cannot help but be impressed. The picture is glare free, offering you a crisp image, whether naturally lit, or unnatural.

Daytime Sample:



Due to compression on youtube, I have taken a ten second snippet and made the above available for direct download to show the true quality (here - 35mb file size) and also (here - 26mb)

​Night Sample:


Here is a 10 second sample for download, without compression.

Overall, the specifications of this camera are fantastic, with an all round great offering 2 inch TFT screen, Ambarella A7 processor, F2 Aperture 6G Lens, 64GB TF card compatibility, 

Main functions include Camcorder, Camera (snapshot) and Playback mode.

Video rates
1920 x 1080 (30p)
2304 x 1296 (30P)
HDR - 1920 x 1080 (30P)
1280 x 720 (60P)
1280 x 720 (30P)
4 Megapixel Resolution.

Functions include: 
Loop Recording
Motion Detection 
Parking Monitor
Audio recording
Date / Time stamp imprint on the video 
G Sensor (2G, 4G, 8G, Off)

16 Megapixel still image.











The Good
This is the portion of the review I pick my top things about the camera, the good in 3 words: Quality, LDWS/FCDS, Comprehensive

Quality: A great quality feeling product, with great quality imagery. Not a part of the camera feel's 'tacky' or cheap. Considering the price is quite low, you might have even expected it.
LDWS/FCDS: As rudimentary as the system is, it still offers a feeling of additional confidence, Its best to have the camera in the centre of the windscreen to offer the best response on this feature.

Comprehensive: The goodies you get with the camera are a great combination, It might not be as flexible as the likes of the Mobius dashcam, where you can change the lens, or swap the battery for a capacitor, but you don't need that. Battery life is very reasonable, weighing in at 21 minutes and with an almost SLR lens in place, a wide clear viewing angle, what more can you want?

The Bad:
This is the portion of the review I pick my top dislikes about the camera.
The bad in 3 words: PC Software unreliable.

Maybe its just Windows 10 (which I tested this on), but when you swap video's and try to play them, it crashes, and is reluctant to swap video's without having to restart the software. Hopefully its just my PC, but this is a real kicker for a great camera, There are other alternative products which I am currently exploring, and will update this review later with these, on the upside, having mentioned it to GearBest, they have already started conversations and sharing the problem with Ausdom, to get it resolved as soon as possible. I cant fault that!

The Ugly:
To be fair, the only "ugly" about the camera is the Lane Departure / Collision Detection, its great, but I just wish it was that little bit more accurate and responsive. Perhaps lots of "tinkering" with the settings will improve it, but just setting it up as per the manual, doesn't seem to make it as optimum as I want it to be. Having said that, for the camera and the price, I still cant fault what I have to work with!

Final Verdict:

Overall, a quality camera, with great functionality. Slightly let down knowing it could do so much more if the LDWS/FCDS was that little bit better! But that doesnt detract from the overall quality of the High Dynamic Range, High Definition, processing abilities of this camera. In the grand scheme of things, this camera is a mid range model for most people, yet in comparison to camera's you can walk into the likes of Halford's and pick up, you get more for your money than the equivalent price range, but equal to a camera you can easily pay twice as much for! 

http://goo.gl/RGDeQ2 using code AUSDOM261 will get you the camera at the reduced price of $86.99 before 30th November 2015.

Ausdom A261 Dashcam - Preheat!

16 October 2015 - 09:52 AM

Hi Guys,


Thanks to my friends over at gearbest.com, I have been offered an opportunity to review some of their DashCam range, and to compile some reviews for your reading pleasure. They are currently shipping out a promising product! 


The Ausdom A261, a High definition camera, with some "extra" High Definition. Mix in a dose of GPS, and a screen, and here you have it : http://goo.gl/RGDeQ2


Hopefully if you guys like my review and for those who may be interested in investing, I will also be working with GearBest to see if we can get a forum discount too!  making what looks like great and reasonably priced products, even cheaper!


As soon as it lands, I will be taking it out for a road test and will give you a full and thorough review of the camera. So far from what I have read, it looks promising!


If you guys like the reviews, then GearBest will review the idea of my official reviews being used more often. No catch, but here's the twist...


I plan on giving a few of them away! depending on how many reviews I do, it would be daft to have that many camera's in the car. So, I have started conversations with management, and the intention would be to setup something of a simple competition on the forum, and the camera's I review will be up for prizes.


I wont lie, I have a feeling I will be tempted to keep one or two, but I don't plan on keeping them all! I shall be reserving some for the FOC family!


What do you guys think?

This Polisher Any Good?

16 October 2015 - 09:19 AM

Hi Guys,


Just took a gamble on a polisher earlier this week, still waiting for it to be delivered.


I plan to use it on a bit of scratch removal, I thought as it was a better brand it might be a better buy. I know its not a mains operated one.


I presume its not dual action, though I cant really find many details on it online...




I have a feeling it will only do good if used with caution and its just to be seen as an elbow grease remover!