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Instrument Cluster "blip"

Yesterday, 08:33 AM

And the third and final question I have for the day!


when driving, I have on ocassion glanced at the Instrument Cluster and whilst going and seen that it appears to "blip" for a flick of a second.


It only appears to be the advisory / warning lights (so for example, when I had cruise control on, It appeared that blipped off then on again). The trip computer appears unaffected, which is why I wonder if its just my eyes!


It could have been my eyes, but I wanted to see if anyone else has seen it!

Slight Rattle - Mk 4 Mondeo

Yesterday, 08:28 AM

Hi Guys,


So another minor niggle I have with my car is a slight rattle, it seems to be coming from the nearside seemingly front end? as I drive over some bumpy roads I hear a kind of plastic'y rattle on ocassion, also if I drive the car in a high gear (6th at 30) I hear the usual "choose the right gear you idiot" vibration and noise, but also hear the plastic!


I have had the car to two garages now, both of which have checked it over and dont appear to be able to find the issue! the car has been on two lifts, wheels suspended and standing on wheels, neither appear to show an issue, the other garage has tried to pull the wheel off generally speaking and couldnt find an issue!


so I have a mysterious rattle, that Is intermittent and I cant fully pin down, I was wondering if there where any known rattles that I might have overlooked?


I noticed that there is a marginal knocking of the airbox heading towards the grill, I have "secured" this with amalgamating  tape, but this didnt help, also the battery box had a loose vibration, but removing this also has not helped.


Anyone have any words of wisdom they could offer?

Mk4 - 1.8Tdci - Almost Stall Before Startup?

Yesterday, 08:22 AM

Hi Guys,


So, whilst I have been away and quiet over the last month recovering, I purchased myself a 2007 MK IV Mondeo 1.8TDCi, Its a nice car, but comes with a few small niggles as most used cars would!


It has done 111,111 miles!


The slight irritation I have at the moment, is that on a couple of ocassions, the car appears to struggle to start a little.... As I turn the key over, it ticks over for a second and then seems like its about to stall before returning to full life.


Its only happened twice, and I think one of those was me stopping the cranking before it had fully kicked into life, but as the car has a few months of warranty, I am picking up on all these things!


So, the car has no error codes, doesnt appear to misbehave generally speaking (a couple of queries to ask but otherwise its good) so I am just wondering if anyone has any thoughts? The service history states that the car has had the DMF and clutch replaced a couple of year ago (Cant remember the exact date) if thats any help!





Cyclists - Seems That Motoring.co.uk Is With You!

16 April 2014 - 01:09 PM



Just got this article sent to my inbox, it does offer a good light as to why cyclists hog the road :P

A Few Facepalm Moments

16 April 2014 - 10:37 AM

I watched this and had a few face palm moments... its weird!

I seriously hope that I am not that dad when I take my sons to buy a new car!!! :P