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Build You Own 3D Printer

22 January 2015 - 06:26 PM

It looks like fun to build, but I wonder how many people would ask the question... How much all in?

The answer, only £640.10! I wonder if anyone here has subscribed to it lol

90 issues. 87 at regular price, 1 at introduction price and two circuit boards at extended price...

The amusing thing is... Go on eBay and search 3d printer, there's a build it yourself kit for 290 quid lol

999 Tips And Advice Everyone Should Read...

20 January 2015 - 10:07 PM

I am quite surprised at how little is known about the modern 999 service, so thought I would share with my friends this information... Just in case you didn't know and in the hope you never need it, but if you do some of this might just save your life!
1) You don't need your network signal to call 999 - an emergency call from any mobile phone, will connect you to the nearest telephone mast, regardless of who the network is. They will also drop calls to give you the priority if you need it! If you don't have a signal - don't worry.
2) You can text 999! whilst you need to register for the service in advance, it could be a life saviour. If you find your in a poor signal area that calls are dropping out of, send a text to 999 with all the details they need to know - what service you need, the reason you need it, your location and any other details they need. The text will continue trying to send until it succeeds which may take up to a few minutes. If it sends then you will receive a text reply, but if you don't receive one after three minutes, send it again. To register for this service, text the word "Register" to 999. You should read the reply and follow the instructions. Its less than two minutes to do.
3) Do not turn your phone off after making a call - whilst your exact location may not be known, if you describe yourself as having a "crash on a rural road near a church", as long as your phones on, your location could be triangulated and the area you are in located. It could narrow down the time it takes you to be found.
All of the above can be done from any mobile (not smartphones). However, if you have a smartphone:
4) install a small and simple app on your phone for easier GPS recognition of your location. If you are not at a particular address, or you are on an unknown road, your GPS coordinates are displayed instead. These can be used and given to the emergency services either by call, or by text. 
Android:  GPS Location (by cop-apps.net - For Android) is very simple to use. Open the app, click the button "Decimal Degrees", your nearest address is displayed at the top of the screen.
Apple: Free GPS (by codeburners): seems to be a basic GPS system that will allow you to do exactly what you need, identify your location, or way-points around you.
5) Save your next of kin, or as close as in your phone as ICE (whoever) so ICE BOB. If you also set that as a message on your screen saver, or startup message (or even just as a single contact in your address book) then the emergency services know who to contact if you' re unable to tell them.
6) Medical ID (Free) Emergency is a free app that can be downloaded for Android (an app of similar name is available for Apple also). Where you can input your medical data the emergency services can access from your lock screen.
Hope you never need any of this, but if you do, I hope its of use to you!
The sad fact is, All of this tripped based on a terrible storyline on Coronation Street. The minibus crash! I was shouting at the TV all of the above, so I thought if I was - how many weren't! Anyway, I hope none of you ever need it, but I highly recommend you all do it!


20 January 2015 - 09:33 AM

So fired up at the moment and it seems I managed to annoy the wife with it as well!


Got out this morning to the car to find some jobsworths parked his van on our one way street in a way that I couldnt just pull out and get round him, so I had to manouver the car backwards to reverse up the one way street, so I could get the car in line just to get past his van. Took the kids to preschool and dropped them off with a fight (they didnt want to go, but then they dont want to most the time and yet still enjoy it!).


Anyway, got back to our one way street and start to park the car in front of my house, where there is the same jobsworth is stood in the middle of the parking bays and tells me he has a delivery coming and he needs me to park somewhere else down the road!


I am currently and have now been for about 2 months, walking with a walking stick because of some sort of attack thats left my right leg part paralysed. So I told him that, and he said its the only place the van can get parked. I decided I better leave this fight because recently my anger management skills have been on par with my vauxhall toleration ability. So I drove off about 300 yards down the road, and proceeded to hobble back to the house on the walking stick. The missus commented to him that if he wants to do it properly he should be contacting the council and getting permits for this sort of blockade to which he replies "I know" and yet he still did it. She mentioned that I am on my walking stick and I have just had to do a long walk which is painful and difficult enough, his reply was "well, we have a job we need to do down the street and thats a long walk for us". Well, I didnt realise being completely able bodied was more difficult than having an unknown condition which has left you part paralysed. I just replied with a "oh, well thats alright then" and got into the house. If I didnt, I know I would have been picked up in handcuffs instead of typing this post.


Seriously, some people just need to learn! respect people who actually live in the area your working, and also to respect the situation other people face themselves in. If I saw someone had a walking stick and was in his position, I would have apologised and being able bodied made alternative arrangements. Perhaps I am just expecting too much from people!


Anyway, the missus now is angry at me because I shouldnt have said something and just left it, seemingly ignoring the fact I acknowledge where my anger levels are and Im making the right decision that prevents me from being locked up!

Euro Car Parts - Service Sale - Service Your Car For As Little As 40!

16 January 2015 - 10:53 AM

Just had this drop in my inbox:




Might come in useful to a few of you!

Halfords Flash 2 Hour Sale Online Today!

15 January 2015 - 10:41 AM

Hi Guys,


Just for those of you who may not know, the Halfords website are doing a 2 hour flash sale today with 10% off everything online, with a 26 day return to store policy.


You may be able to extend your discount using the FOC discount card but I am not sure if that defininately will work, however try adding your FOC cards number as a voucher code and see if it works!