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Seriously Contemplating A Tuning Box

10 September 2014 - 11:33 AM

So, I found myself bored in a meeting at work this morning, and started thinking about tuning boxes.


for £82 I could get this:http://www.ebay.co.u...:X:eRTM:GB:1123


Had it confirmed that it is definately going to do my car, but I am lacking one thing which is stopping me hitting buy! I cant find anyone on the net who has said what the MPG improvement was realistically. I came across one person who said their berlingo gained an extra 100 miles in fuel, but thats all I got!


If I knew what the realistic economy improvement was, I would happily buy it, knowing that I might need to offset the loss for say 1 month, but then after that I am in nothing but profit! but I just cant find these answers!


Has anybody used a box similar to the above on their Ford (preferably mondeo) and can you advise if you got any decent fuel returns.


My current maths is this: so if anyone can correct me... :)


If I do 650 miles on a £90 tank, that works out as 45 MPG.

If I break that down (by diving the Miles Per Gallon, by 4.546 - the number of litres in a gallon) I get a result of 9.89 Miles per litre.


If I now divide that by the approximate price of 143p (the cost of one litre of fuel) that works out at approximately 14.44 pence per mile.


Now If I take an average of 100 miles gained from a tuning box, that means every tank of fuel would save me £14.44p. On that basis, it would take me circa 5 fillups to pay for the box, and anything after that is a saving :), that would probably mean that after Christmas I would be quids in :D presuming I actually get 100 miles extra per tank!


06 September 2014 - 09:45 PM

I found today a rather interesting and painful day! Had the wife and kids in the car and we headed out to the local Asda about 8 mile away...

Got on the motorway and all was fine, overtook a car no problem, moved back over and pop! Dislocated my shoulder at 70mph! Needless to say it hurt! No one can drive so I had to keep going with my right arm seized in a chicken wing posture lol.

Driving one armed is hard with a manual but other than high revs my driving seemed relatively good lol

Anyone else had anything similar happen to them?

Escort Xrsi - A Reg - Kent

05 September 2014 - 04:39 PM

I have seen a fine specimen of an Escort - white A reg that was driving down the M2 a few days ago, it looks fantastic for its age and sounded sweet!


Just wondering if your on here!

Where To Find Intricate Details From?

04 September 2014 - 08:13 PM

OK so it could read a bit weird, I am not referring to the love life of so and so :P


I am looking to find "intricate" details of things like the airbag resistances! so where do you find details like this?

The Recommended Thread!

04 September 2014 - 12:24 PM

Right, been thinking about this for a while, so I might as well get it started!


This thread is for you dear members! its for you to share the names of local, decent businessman that you would trust your pride and joy to!


So, in order to make it nice and easy, I will suggest that you put the details below, and I will periodically update a centralised list on this post. so now for your contributions!


To try and make it simple for my geographically challenged mind, this is how I want you to share your recommendations!


Area of the country -

County -

(subcounty where applicable) -

Town name -

Business Type -

Business Name -

Contact Details -

Why do you like them -


So I will start :)


Auto Electricians:


Area of the country - South East

County - Kent

(subcounty where applicable) - Medway

Town name - Sittingbourne

Business Type - Auto Electrician

Business Name - Dave Patrick Auto Electrics

Contact Details - 01795 470 704

Why do you like them - Honest and approachable, Seem happy to go that step further, really has the customer values at the heart of the business!


Alloy Refurbishment:


Area of the country - South East

County - Kent

(subcounty where applicable) - Medway

Town name - Gillingham

Business Type - Alloy Refurbishment

Business Name - InSPRAYtion

Contact Details -  http://www.insprayti...rtrepair.co.uk/

Why do you like them - Used for an alloy repair recently, great job done on the alloy, very quick turnaround, and a cheap price!




Area of the country - South East

County - Kent

(subcounty where applicable) - Medway

Town name - Gillingham

Business Type - Ford Dealer

Business Name - Trust Ford (Dagenham Motors)

Contact Details -  http://www.trustford.../28/gillingham/

Why do you like them - An honest dealer, Always welcoming to the service team, who are all great! they know me by name, always honest and approachable, and always happy to help. The Services I get there themselves are actually pretty well priced, and they dont mug you off (I know its a shock!)


Motor Factors:


Country- Ireland

Area of country-midlands

County Westmeath

Town Mullingar

Business type - motor factors

Business name - top part

Contact details - +353449342008

If in Ireland that's 0449342008

Why do you like them - if they ever give the wrong part they will deliver right part free of charge, they are nice friendly staff if they don't have the part they don't mind pointing you in the right direction. They are cheap enough aswell