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Timing Belt Expense

Yesterday, 07:37 PM

Do I had booked my car in for its timing belts, chains, pulleys etc. I booked it in provisionally for Monday and was told I would get a call today with a reminder and the price. I got the price alright, £1475!

Seriously, I expected about 800 to 1k max but not that much! So I called them back after I picked myself up off the chair and politely cancelled my visit.

Called up an indie who gave me a rough cost of 400 and he gave me a full price of 600-700 quid instead.

Yeah I made the change lol.

All guaranteed and using quality if not genuine parts

I'm happy with that offer. Save myself half the bill easily!

Cyclist Versus Police

Yesterday, 07:30 PM

Apparently this video was shot two years ago, where the police where at the time patrolling borders.

However, the cyclist knocked on the window and picked them up on the fact they were sat in the cycling lane.

I do respect the police but, they were not on a job, they were not on business but where waiting for the lights and they were sat along with the other cars in a bus and cycle lane.

I must agree with the cyclist, they were contravening the highway code from what I saw. It's not right they allowed others to do it but to partake themselves. Regardless of waiting for traffic lights or not, if they were in a cycle and bus lane prior to when the lane ends, it was indeed an offence. No complaint was made it would seem, but I certainly think they should have been warned at an official level, their actions where incorrect.

How The Chuff Did You Manage To Crash Like That?!?!

15 May 2015 - 01:07 PM

So I arrived into work this morning....  "Did you see the crash in the car park?" nope, no I did not! "How the chuff that guy managed to do what he did, wiping out two cars, flying over the bank I will never know"


...Hold on? he jumped the bank and managed to stuff two cars? I have to see this.


So I walked from my office to the car park, and at first, I didnt see much more than a few bodies standing around.... and It would have been rude to take blatant photo's of the situation, so I didnt do that, but I assessed the situation....


So this is our shared office car park:


Attached File  CP1.png   958.39KB   38 downloads


Entry road on the right, and the barrier there.


Now somehow, this guy has managed to try and park in the bay (marked by the red arrow), he has then jumped somehow up a 4 or 6 inch kerb, and followed the white line trajectory.


He then, managed to take out the tree (marked as a white T!) and then progressed to follow his trajectory, where he managed to smash into two parked cars! He cut the bumper clean on the yellow car (marked by the yellow scribbles) and the dark blue car, he just pushed the back end in. Thankfully no one was injured, but seriously, how you can accomplish this in our car park, I wont know. Especially given the bay he was heading into, had a car either side of it (undamaged) so he cant have lost control coming round the corner too quick!


My guess, is he has either jammed the accelerator under the carpet, and lost control of the car, swung to avoid the tree, and instead parked in two cars, or, he thought his car looked like a 4x4, so he wanted to sneak across the grass and park in that space, rather than the conventional method!


Either way, I am glad I wasnt on the receiving end of it! the situation itself is amusing. his car is looking much worse for wear. It was a Citroen Cactus (I wonder if this will result in a safety recall...)


His front end was smashed, his headlight and fog lights where nowhere to be seen! the yellow car lost the quarter bumper and the blue car seemed to suffer the least damage, it honestly looks like if you put your hand behind it, you could push the damage out and you would never know anything had happened.


Can someone please tell me how he managed thios, given the space he crossed was about 15 feet, and I havent a clue how he could gather that much momentum on wet grass!


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Infectious Syndromes For Other Halves?

12 May 2015 - 03:28 PM



I'm wondering if a condition I am about to mention is a rare condition, affecting only a few people in the UK, or if in actual fact, its more common than we are led to believe.


The deadly WYIM WMIM virus! Its worse than Ebola, Dog Flu, Cat Flu, Bird Flu, Man Flu and Swine Flu combined.


Perhaps you will have heard of it by its more common notation, as my wife says "What's Your's is Mine (and) Whats Mine Is Mine".


I am not sure if its a combination of Marriage and childbirth that breads this awful virus, but I have heard it spreads quite well.


Just wondering if any of you have a partner who suffers this incredibly parasitic condition?


Seems there are a few people in the office who suffer it, seems most of them where fine until the above two noted life events occurred, after that it was a case of stand back and wait....

Car Sos Timing Belt Change!

12 May 2015 - 04:51 AM

So I am watching the episode with the NIssan Skyline, and Fuzz just gave the best answer for changing a timing belt... seriously, why on earth do we faff with all these different special tools and bits and bobs?


Cut the tming belt down the centre all the way so you now have two belts installed.... removed the outer belt, leaving the inner one in place, pick up your new belt and slide it on. Now pull up the old belt and slash it to remove it, then push the new belt fully in place!




something so simple and yet replaces something so complex!!!