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In Topic: Jump Starting A Ford Focus And With A Ford Focus

29 January 2015 - 07:10 AM

.if it won't start on a booster/ jump then its its more than just a low battery ..if the charge is that flat then i would'nt want to boost it ..an alternator is not designed to charge a flat battery but replace what is lost through normall use ..the boosters are meant to aid the battery not start a car, the only problems with the cheaper ones is the battery inside is poor quality and has a short life span - since i upgraded to a 75ah i've not had a problem with starting (45ah goes flat if not used regularly) if your going to spend £100+ 0n a booster to sit in the garage just incase you need it ..surely it would be better to spend half that on a decent battery with jump leads then swop old battery charge it up and  use it in the same manner as a booster. In answer to the original question,myself i use any point on the engine of both cars as the earth.

In Topic: Jump Starting A Ford Focus And With A Ford Focus

28 January 2015 - 09:19 AM

myself .i prefer to use a boosterpack  if it does'nt start easily it's more than just a battery problem  i use engine for earthing and always turn on lights and heater before disconnecting booster. what you choose to do is at your own risk  .here's what proffessor haynes has to say


1. Position another car near yours so that the batteries are
close, but do not let the vehicles touch. Switch off the
ignition and all electrical equipment on both vehicles, apply
the handbrakes, and ensure that the gears are in neutral
(manual transmission vehicles) or ‘P’ for automatics. Open
the bonnets.
2 Connect one end of the red jump lead to the positive (+)
terminal of the flat battery – do not let the other end of the
red lead touch any vehicle metal – and connect the other
end of the red lead to the positive (+) terminal of the
boosting battery.
3 Connect one end of the black jump lead to the negative
(-) terminal of the boosting battery and connect the other
end of the black lead to a bolt or metal bracket, well away
from the battery, on the engine block of the vehicle to be
4 Ensure that the jump leads cannot come into contact
with any moving parts of either engine. Start the engine of
the boosting vehicle and run it at a fast idle speed. Now
start the engine of your vehicle and check that it is running
5 Stop the engine of the boosting vehicle only. Switch on
the lights, the heated rear window and the heater blower
motor on your vehicle - this is to prevent any voltage
surges. Disconnect the jump leads in the reverse order of
connection, then switch off the lights etc. Close the
6 Now you can drive off. It will take a little time for the
alternator to charge the battery fully, so don’t stop the
engine again too soon and try not to stall it while driving

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11 July 2014 - 05:35 PM

red 50 - 50 mix sometimes the cap is a bit hard to under do ( its got an "0" ring in it )

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08 July 2014 - 05:32 PM

good old you tube