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#106162 Fuse Question

Posted by StewartM on 08 December 2010 - 02:14 PM

I need to replace the cooling fan fuse - No 3 in the engine compartment fuse box, it is one of those High Current Fuses as Ford calls them. How is it removed ? I didn't want to try forcing it out in case I did any damage. I note the comment in the manual about having to get the Ford Workshop to change that kind, but is that really necessary ?

The way this fuse blew is interesting.

I rarely need to set the heater control to max demist because of the heated screen, but I did this morning to help in the -4 C temp. As we know the air con will start when you do that but the book says the air con won't work if the temp is less than +4 C. Well my air con did start, the compressor was clutching in and out and it was trying to start the fan, but couldn't because the fan was jammed solid with ice. First I knew of a problem was smoke from the front of the bonnet and an electrical burning smell. Hopefully the fan motor will be OK, but I can see the fuse has blown.