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In Topic: Fiesta Fuel Cap Filler Problem, Couldn’T Fill Up!! ... Any Help Grate...

19 February 2013 - 06:56 PM

sorry, typo! Meant to say, don't want to shell out £300 ...

In Topic: Fiesta Fuel Cap Filler Problem, Couldn’T Fill Up!! ... Any Help Grate...

19 February 2013 - 06:54 PM

Hi, thanks for the replies,

Not sure about the funny nozzle, ha! But it must be contagious if that’s what it is as I tried several garages on the way home on Friday and none of the nozzles would penetrate the silver metal flap (and most of these garages I uses regularly too).

Do you have it on good authority that the metal flap on the mechanism will NOT lock with the car? As this is the complete opposite to what fords service department are saying, which is why I’m confused!

Fortunately I have it working again, I think!? But fords say I shouldn’t be able to push the metal flap in whilst the car is locked, this should lock as an anti-syphon device, which is why they say it is probably broken and will cost £300 to fix!!

It doesn’t look or feel broken but as I’m not sure what it did previous to the problem experienced. I have no idea what to believe. My main concern is that i don’t want it locking up again when out and about and I need to fill up, but obiously do want to shell out £300 if it's not necessary!
Which is why I wondered how a 'normal' fiesta of similar age behaves?

:rolleyes: any help very welcome

In Topic: Ford Warranty... Sigh

16 February 2013 - 07:08 PM

Just read the original post and not surprised by fords reaction. I have a 59 plate fiesta and over the past three years the many problems I’ve experienced have always resulted in fords trying to wangle their way out of doing the necessary work under warranty

Typically as it’s just out of warranty, yesterday I discovered this problem you speak of
whist filling up (or trying to) the petrol cap door was difficult to open. However, once I’d managed to over come that, worse was to come, the metal flap inside was completely stuck shut, the fuel nozzle just wouldn’t go in! AA man came to my rescue but couldn’t fix it, luckily I had just enough petrol to get home!

Phoned Fords this morning to be told, if it’s what they think it is then it’s a £300 job!

Has anyone else experienced this metal fuel flap problem. Read somewhere that ford were aware of this back in early 2009, yet upon clicking the link to find out more, the whole piece was in German!!