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In Topic: Managed the pictures MK7 White MP3 17"

17 January 2010 - 10:56 PM

Nice, just needs dropping on its !Removed! now and some sideskirts fitting!!

So!!! want a top stripe kit like yours!!!
Not those colours for me but some where along those lines!!
Dont want to drop it any further it is lowered standard from Ford and a little firmer ride so no lower!
I want the full Zetec S skirt kit next, just waiting for them to come up for sale!!!! so is every one!!!!

In Topic: 17" alloys Focus MP3 on MK7????

17 January 2010 - 09:36 PM

Not sure exactly but i imagine as long as the OP declares modified alloys as a styling upgrade they won't give two hoots about its compliance with homologation regarding emissions ;)

I have fitted the 17" MP3s today and they look awesome, again not to everyones taste and may be the 16" may have looked a little better, but with the lowered suspension and how they fit inside the arches is dog's!!!!
ET on the earlier ST and MP3 Focus is 52, ET on the new shape MK7 Fiesta is 47.5, both have the same 4 x 108, sorry to all the grannies n eggs!!! Even has enough room to put 5mm spacers to pull them out a bit if you wanted but no need they sit sweet. Two front ones have a few small scratches but other than that 250 with 6mm tyres 215/40/17, cool!!!
Now that I know they fit and how good they look next is powder coat???? not sure on colour? maybe gunmetal grey????
Fuel economy???? Live to Ride and Drive!!!!! but you have to look good doing it!!!
Didnt want to pay big bucks for higher spec, paid 8500 for 1 year old, with free road tax!!! and the better looking black lights, lowered suspension and now we can add value rather than burn it driving out of the Ford garage while the salesman laughs!!!!!
Not too concerned about insurance, I have a Fazer 1000, Fezzy and an 07 Transit all driven on a Trader policy!!! Fully comp 25K cover any car any bike any van 650/year, much more efficient!!!!
Next is Lodder1899 kit I think???
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