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In Topic: Connecting an ipod to an aux input

15 March 2009 - 08:09 PM

Sorry to dissapoint you fella but the aux port is for sound only (and that can be hit and miss due to the poor build quality of the socket).
If you want ipod control with track display buy a new Ford with USB port or ditch the Ford headunit for a decent after-market one.

It is Possible though
you need the Focus Bluetooth unit with USB then the Mondeo cable assembly the mondeo bezel and USB socket and microphone you may or may not need an extra wiring harness for radio 20 ish

total cost is around the 190

If you are intrested My mate at Ford will supply the parts and i can describe how to YOU get the USB socket which allows control and display of Ipod or USB stick with MP3s on and as a bonus you also get Hands free Bluetooth and a voice control of compatable items

I will pass you to my mate trevor who will tell you what is needed and the cost
It is well worth it I use I pod classic 160 gb that is Full about 3 months worth of none stop mp3s lol




In Topic: LED Footwell Lighting upgrade

23 February 2009 - 06:11 PM


If anyone has a new-ish Focus with lights in the front foot wells then just wanted to let you know that that it is possible to upgrade these cheaply and simply to use red LED bulbs so that they match the car's existing ambient lighting and give a much more 'premium' feel to the interior. I can supply the parts if required.

Here are a couple of pictures of my Fiesta Zetec that I recently upgraded. The standard footwell lights were just conventional bulbs, and I changed them for 9 pin LEDs.

If anyone is interested then please send me a PERSONAL message via the forum as I dont normally post on the FOCUS pages.

Hope you like the pictures.

Posted ImagePosted Image

Wel I am not doing that it has Changed it into a FIEASTA lol

ON mine It has b1 capless bulbs I just used a direct LED replacement white

In Topic: MK2 Centre Console vent/sensor thing - what is it?

23 February 2009 - 06:02 PM

Thanks for the replies and the advise. Mystery solved.

you should have a big circular grill in front of inetrior light THAT IS where the Factory Fit mike is fiffted for BT handsfree see pic 1 the black switch on left electric sunroof

I have Auto Aircon and Alarm
The alarm sensors are each side of the interior lights by next to Submarine lighting ( orange night lights see pics 2) looc carefull end of interior light the black dot is alarm and the Orange dot is Sub Light Pic has Flash on so light looks dim
but still not sure if the thing you mention is the sensor Could be for aircon BUT I have dual ZONE DEACT air con so it should have a sensor each side i would have thought may be just one sensor on auto temp control

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In Topic: Silly question in here

23 February 2009 - 05:37 PM

AFAIK the only side airbags are fitted to the seats and as stated it says AIRBAG at the top of the seat side if they are fitted

OK see pics Above the SEAT BELT each side where the seat belt hight adjuster is

and on the Front seats there is a AIRBAG TAB sewn in by each front door

Please NOTE mine is 3 door hatch leather trim 5 door or cloth may be different

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

The white tag is half way down the seat

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In Topic: Imperial and Metric displays

23 February 2009 - 04:55 PM


Yesterday My brand new Titanium was delvered. I love it, but I have a problem

There are only 2 types of displays - Metric or imperial. You can easily switch between one or the other - but the problem is that Ford has not set this up as for the UK.

When the setting is Imperial, the trip is in miles, but temps are in Farenheit

When the setting is Metric, the trip is in Kilometres, and temps are in Celcius

Sensible you might think, but the UK uses Celcius for temps, and Miles on the road...

Is there any way this can be set on the focus? Its very annoying, as I think in Celcius and miles, as most UK people do!

I found a paragraph in the manual which indicates it can be done - it says " The units of measure for outside air tempurature and the automatic climate control can be toggled independent of the other displays. See General Information (page 85)"

Which sounds encouraging, but it doesn't say HOW to do it. Page 85 just says how to change items on the menu in general terms.

Help! Anyone have any ideas?


yep its possible mine is on MPG Miles and deg C mines new sept 58 new style dash

Ok set it to IMPERIAL 1st and you have miles but deg F ok

then rotate the selection on the left hand stalk just past Tyre pressure set oh you may not have that but its OK
Roll it round till you get the BIG deg F display see pic 1

now press in the end of left stalk and hold it for 2 seconds Your Climate and temp will change to Deg C see pic 2

if you change from metric to imp and back you will have to do it again

pic 1

Posted Image

now press in left hand stalk set button for 2 seconds

and you get this

Posted Image

climate in deg C too

please post if ok or not

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