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Severe Reving/accelartion

04 February 2011 - 08:13 PM

I noticed today that when changing gear especially from 3rd to 4th and vice versa, the car really revs and accelerates, this does not happen all the time but its happend 4 times today. :huh: I had a quick peek on the Ford etis website and found out that there is a similar problem. Also over the last day or so i've noticed that it seems to miss going into gear a few times too.

Has anyone else had this or had it sorted? I'm going to try and book it in tomorrow to get it looked at.

Courtesy Cars!

24 February 2010 - 02:28 PM

Brought my car in to the dealer today as was having a few problems (Fuel flap refitted as someone broke it off, & Door re-aligned for the 3rd time!) and asked for a courtesy car, as i was told they'd be spending the day on it.

The car i was supposed to be having hadn't come back so i was issued with another on, ZETEC style, however there is less than 10miles left of fuel in the tank..excuse me if i'm a being stupid here but i'd of thought they might have had a little bit more in the tank for me? when i queried it i was just told to put enough fuel in for what i needed. I asked them that would they putting fuel in my car if i had left it empty and had to take it for a test run? Maybe its just me or beacuse any other car i've had, i've always had fuel in it. But it really ticked me off!! LOl

Also no water or windscreen wash....so i pop some in beacuse i can barely see out of the window....guess what...nothing comes out!! the pedals squeak. like i have a bird in the car, and compared to the 1.6 i have its like driving a bag of nails!!

anyone had problems or just crappy cars? or am i just being way too particular or just had it too good in the past?