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In Topic: S-Max Water In Passenger Footwell (More Like A Pond)

06 January 2013 - 03:40 PM

Took in to the ford dealer and they had it for 10 days. Apparently there was a leak in the seam of the bulkhead under the dashboard. The worst of the water ingress has stopped but the rear footwell/storage area carpet is still getting damp following rain. I have it booked in for another look.

In Topic: Snow Chains / Spare Tyre And Going Abroad Advice

07 December 2012 - 11:08 AM

See my reply on this part of the forum


Not sure about the legality abroad though. Seem to be the easiest for wheel sizes that do not take proper chains. If the roads in france are snowy (rather than cleared tarmac) they are just the ticket.

In Topic: Snow Socks

07 December 2012 - 11:02 AM

Best thing since sliced bread!
Got some snow socks for my S-Max two years ago as I found out that on any incline, the weight of the S-max combined with the wide tyres meant it did not pull away at all, and downhill was line the cresta run. I live on a hill and would not be able to get home without them. When they are on you can confidently pull off or stop when other cars are skidding around like dancing on ice.

I got a goodyear brand, but I think that there is an unbranded version that is identical, for £40 from Ebay.

Easy to fit (after the first few fiddly attempts - the thing to bear in mind is that you dont need to get them dead centre - as soon as you start driving, the centrifugal force will centre them)

The worst things are:
when you hit tarmac you must remove them or they will shred within a mile. Mine are a bit worn around the edges from this, but I have had 2 years wear so far and hope to get another year from them.
Also they are sopping wet when you take them off so you either have them wet in your boot or take them in to dry (but have to remember to put them back in your car!)
DO NOT leave them on or they will freeze on and be impossible to remove!