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V6 Essex

04 December 2014 - 11:41 PM

Hi, I need to check and maybe adjust the valve clearances on my Essex V6 engine, the firing order for this engine is 1  4  2  5  3  6.


To my way of thinking the best way to check these is to get number  1 cylinder to TDC on compression stroke when both valves should be closed, then check clearances on these valves, then turn engine 120 degrees when number 4 cylinder is TDC and repeat and so on.


This way however is apparently not the way to do it. From what I have read various inlet and exhaust valves should be rocking and other valves are adjusted.  My way seems much simpler. Can someone explain where my logic is wrong and what is the best way to do it ?


Thanks, John.


02 November 2014 - 02:48 PM

Hi, I recently bought a MK3 Cortina (1973) which has been fitted with a 3.1 L essex V6. Although the tachometer works it is showing the wrong revs ( ie about 300 revs at idle ) I think this is because the tachometer was originally for a 4 cylinder engine.


Do anyone know if this can be sorted by a switch setting on the back of the Tach or if not what I can do to fix it. ( I havent got round to removing the instrument panel yet ).


Cheers, John

Essex V6

13 October 2014 - 10:05 PM



I have just bought a MK 3 cortina fitted with the Essex V6 bored out to 3.1 lts. The bodywork is excellent but the engine runs like a bag of nails. The plugs, cap, rotor arm and leads have been renewed. Before I strip down the twin choke Weber I want to check the timing is spot on and here lies the problem.


When trying to use the strobe light, which is about 20 years old now, i cannot see any notch on the pulley next to the  W mark although the strobe is pulsing light. Maybe the timing is way off or the firing order is wrong.  Im sure the correct order is  1  4  2  5  3  6   but im not sure of how each cylinder is numbered.


I think it should be        FRONT      1    2   3

                                                        4    5   6


but checking online some diagrams  show the order  as           FRONT     1   2   3

                                                                                                                     6   5   4


Also the car has electronic ignition and not points so I dont think I can check the timing static.


Can anyone give me any ideas on this. Thanks in advance, John.



6 Disc Cd Player Faulty

20 September 2014 - 03:48 PM


 I have a 1999 1.2 Fiesta fitted with the 6 disc ford radio unit. Recently  the 4th disc refused to play, all that could be heard was a whirring sound. It was not possible to eject any discs. I then removed the unit and took off the cover. After removing a few screws I was able to remove the plastic disc holders and extract all the CD s. I then reassembled the unit and tried to play the discs. Now , only disc 1 would play. I then repeated above to remove the discs.


The car is not worth a new CD player. Do anyone know the proper procedure to check, and reassemble the disc holders or have any ideas what could be wrong.


Thanks,  John