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In Topic: My Parking Obsession...

22 February 2010 - 09:55 PM

So, i have a bit of a problem when it comes to parking. It's beginning to take over my life.

I have an obsession with getting the perfect safe-parking space, so much so that it can sometimes take me upto half an hour to park, just to pop into a shop for 5 minutes! Even if it means parking up several times and moving the car if the space just "doesn't feel right". At Christmas time I went shopping with a couple of my girl friends (Yes, friends who are girls to you dirty minded folk!) and I found the most amazing space right by town with a huge gap either side of Fabio to prevent any door-dings! I think I must have said "Oh, I'm so chuffed with that parking space" about 20 times, my friends told me to shut up in the end. The other day I went to Asda and I circled the carpark about 20 times just to get my favourite space which is sideways on so no one could park next to me, and multistory carparks are a total no no!!

But today I was MOST chuffed with my space I had to take pictures :lol:

Posted Image
Posted Image

It was like Fabio had his own personal bodyguard!

So, for today, I shopped safe in the knowledge my baby was safe. Until the next shopping trip....

I like your thread about your parking obsession as im exactly the same. When it comes to parking it take forever driving round and round looking for that perfect parking spot. The most annoying thing is when you park the far side of a car park with no cars about then to find when you return that some !Removed! in an old banger has parked close beside, that makes me mad lol... I like your Fiesta S in that blue, very smart..

In Topic: Front suspension problems - MK7

29 January 2010 - 11:59 PM

Hi all,

Yet another problem with my little baby fiesta. This time its the suspension! (it just gets better eh?)

The problem: A very loud knocking/crunching noise every time the car goes over speed ramps at any speed, be 5 mph or 15mph. More speed means its a louder noise! Before anybody says that i've hit a curb or something, i have not. The car has stayed well away from any curbs and this is backed up by no damage to alloy wheels.

Had ford look at it and they think it needs to have the whole front suspension replaced :huh: :unsure: The car can still be driven and its going back on Wendsday when a tech from Ford is there to assess the damage....will update on Wendsday.

Hi all,

Im new to this site and have just been reading your problems with the front suspension which sounds the same as mine. I have a new ZetecS which has only done 3k.

I noticed a loud knocking/crunching noise aswell as a creaking noise from what seemed to be coming from the n/s front suspension when going over quite harsh speed bumps. The type of speed hump you find in a super market car park. The sound is quite concerning as it sounds almost like something is about to drop off underneath, although when checking the car over it all looks ok. Im hoping its just some kind of plastic sheild moving as the car flexs over a harsh speed hump and sounds worse than it really is but, still its a bit concerning for a new car.

The strange thing is under normal driving conditions and even going over normal speed humps carefully the car doesnt make any noise.

I dont really want to have to have some muppet at Ford's say it needs suspension parts and start fitting bits willy nilly.

I would be interested to hear of anyone else who has experianced a simlar issue and if they have had it rectified by Fords.

I look forward to your replies.