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In Topic: can't receive or send messages?

08 April 2009 - 06:28 PM

Ah this site got targeted by the mass PM too? Seems a large amount of IPB forums got targeted by this same user. Also happened on another IPB forum that I belong to.

In Topic: Topping up the oil

13 January 2009 - 07:31 AM

you will be fine topping up with new oil most cars use a little oil (some more than others :lol: ) aslong as you put the right grade in which you know anyway. as the other post say just keep an eye on it, if it using more and more between services get it checked could be getting old and seal could be warn or there could be a wee leak.

good luck,

I put in 10w40 last night. The choice was either 10w40 or 15w40 and the little handbook laying next to the oil in the shop also suggested the 10w40 stuff so I'll see how it goes this morning. Indeed I'm a little worried as to where the oil went. I've never had to top it up myself before. Then again I had a lot of starting problems last winter so it ended up at the garage a lot with oil changes and having a whole new sump fitted. But it didn't dissapear during the summer so who knows.

Thanks but I am aware would have sufficed. From your original post you made it sound like you had no idea. I'll move onto the next thread next time. Sorry for trying to help.

No it's fine. Having reminders is a good thing. Also helps those that may read this in the future that do not know. It was just a case of know one had really answered my question. Yes it was stated just top it up but not does it matter that the old oil is possibly different. I was just purely paranoid as it's such a temperamental car and has given me so much trouble in the year that I have owned it. Really it's time for a new one.

Thanks for the help everyone anyway. It's put my mind at ease.

In Topic: Topping up the oil

12 January 2009 - 07:25 PM

Electrical problems turned out to just be cold minus the heater lights not coming on unless I bash them which has been a problem for a long time.

As far as the oil goes.

1. I know what oil I can use.
2. I know how to put oil in the car
3. I know how to check how much oil I have
4. I know the dangers of running on the minimum mark and having too much.

My question was not knowing what oil my mechanic put in when he serviced it back in October is it ok for me to just top it up with the new stuff or is it better that it's drained so oils aren't mixed? I'm just extremely paranoid due to the amount of troubles this car has given me since owning it (it hates the winter). And as I said this winter it has really behaved itself and I don't want to ruin that now.

In Topic: Steering creaking yet again

15 December 2008 - 11:57 PM

I still haven't had it looked at :D well I kind of did. When I put it in for it's MOT they said nothing was wrong and it apparently would have failed if something was wrong (they claimed they couldn't hear anything either - it was quieter at the time however). Anyway strangely since the cold weather my steering has shut up totally but has become really loose (put that down to the icy roads though) and feeling kind of strange on the tight bends (lots of them on my journey to and from work). It just seems to be temperamental as some days it behaves and some days it doesn't. At some point when it gets noisy again I will get a second opinion. It sounds like some kind of lubrication problem like a rubbing noise so what you are saying makes sense. It's not one sided either, the rubbing noise I get turning both ways. The steering seems to have been a very old problem (although I noticed no problems for the first few months I owned the car). I found the invoices the previous owner kept and several are steering related.

As of 19/12 the noise is back again!

In Topic: Steering creaking yet again

29 June 2008 - 01:04 PM