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06 February 2010 - 11:11 AM

have a dribble to cheer you up my old mans was similar to the black one minus the white wheels i still find it to be a beutiful car http://www.brookland.../Capri40th.html


I !Removed! love capris ive seen pictures on the net of a re-make of the capri like what vw did for the sirocco

In Topic: Focus cc

05 February 2010 - 04:16 PM

Get a mk3 st-2 3door its a combo of style and performance + u can mod them easily or send it of to montune to get the "st260" kit put on which means its faster in the gears than an rs (dont ask me how was just reading the bumf) OR just make do with the cc i cant upgrade from my 1.6 yet because im a student and my insurance is thru the roof :angry: we all have to make comprmises mate if you really like the car you shudalnt be to arsed about the lack of performance


Gonna keep trying stuff with the cc for the moment but have got my eye on a fue other cars at the mo probbs will get a mk1 focus rs to play around with or if i can find a good one a brooklands capri

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05 February 2010 - 01:27 PM

before you do that i just want to make you aware of a few truths the car has more flex in it due to the drop top if you put lambo doors on youll increase the flex even more also lambo doors have a tendency to move at high speed and are fraught with problems one being that it puts stress on the new door anchor points even proffesionally fitted of course they will tell you that its fine but in truth its not also if youre hit side on on that door the new stress point is basically the dash and the front of the car instead of the strengthened pillars so the front will crumble engine wise youre stuck i went to a mate who tunes cars at his garage and he said a bigger engine is possible however the front will need to be strengthened and the suspension will need torn apart and upgrasded along with braces on the front and rear the brakes will also need changed the gear box would be fine he estimated the cost of an rs engine in the crate and what would need to be done in the region of 7k including rolling road remaps etc depending then it will need bodyshop work in his professional opinion dont bother putting more power into it as its a waste of money you could have a bigger engined car for less he would take it back and see what can be done to get summat else

thanks for the info on the lambo doors mate i am seriously thinking of getting summit else now im slightly gutted because i realy do like the car even tho it handles like an aircraft carrier and goes as fast as one lol

In Topic: Focus cc

05 February 2010 - 11:51 AM

i found this digi mod of a cc abit on the low rider side but looks pritty nice. going over to revs over gateshead today to see how mutch some new springs will cost and looking at uni lampo door hindges aswell keeping the standard 17s on for the min
still abit lost on which way to go on the engine starting to think i should of just got the r.s or the second hand st500 in arnold clarks

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04 February 2010 - 01:52 PM

Just throwing this one in here guys but if your going to do an engine drop, the st engine would be my choice (2.5t 225bhp with a dream science remap) that would make it shift trust me lol. Or what about an acctual volvo engine 2.3 turbo t5 unit approx 250bhp and a smaller unit than the st one.

This would cost an absoutle bomb of course and personally i dont think itd be worth it if you wanted a focus that went like the clappers you should of got a st or an rs the cc is for posers :lol: imo. My cus had a dark blue cc-3 2.0 and she sold it with in 3 months and went back to a mk2 tdci sport lol women!.


i agree it is a posers car i just like the way it looks lol i didnt think about the volvo t5 engine sounds like a plan ill have a good look into that thanks for that