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In Topic: Ver Bad Clatter At Higher Revs

21 July 2010 - 10:02 PM

I have an Escort 1.8TD with 55k on the clock, had a cambelt done at 48k (previous owner). Last week the cambelt tensioner decided to spit it's bearing out without warning at idle (engine started clattering really badly). Had a new one fitted, but the clattering, particularly at higher revs, is still there and pretty horrendous. I thought it was perhaps the timing, maybe the belt had jumped, as the clattering sounds out-of-sync with the rest of the engine noise. Timing was checked, no problem, spot on, any ideas what else it could be? There's no real loss in performance (if you can call it that), not misfiring, no smoke, turbo kicks in a treat, but this has got me stumped. If a valve had hit the piston then it would either not run at all or run badly, which it's not, apart from the noise. It's just strange that it should happen after the tensioner went, making me think there's mechanical damage somewhere.

That does sound a bit odd, have you checked inside the timing belt cover for any debris or foreign objects left behind when the tensioner split? Sounds like it may be a bit of tensioner or somthing being kicked up by the timing belt and getting thrown around inside the timing belt cover.

In Topic: Exhaust

21 July 2010 - 09:49 PM

Hi, anyone know how to part a rear exhaust piece, have removed the box, but cant part the pipe.

Hi, normaly to remove the pipe there is a clamp between pipes, slacken the 2 nuts then i should come free. if it is seized then spray the joining area with wd40 and heat area with a heat gun (paint stripping gun) or even a blow torch if ur feeling brave. When its warm enough wiglle the pipe and it should come free

In Topic: fitting double din stereo query

09 February 2010 - 12:08 AM

What a lot of people fail to realise, is that the Escort is NOT double DIN, its DIN and a half.

You have to chop part of the surround out to get a double DIN to fit

cheers mate! I was thinking of cutting some of the bottom part of the surround away, do you know if anyone has mannaged to pull that method off?

In Topic: heater blower

06 February 2010 - 04:29 PM

When you say heater, do you mean when you have the heat on? or just the blower in general? If so its most likely the heater blower switch needs replacing, the contacts inside deteariate and will not last forever, especialy if the switch is used alot. If its not that then its a wiring problem or duff resistors which i doubt is the cause with a van as young as yours.

hope this has helped

In Topic: fitting double din stereo query

06 February 2010 - 03:46 PM

Not sure if anyone will know the answer to this but here goes.... I've got an r reg 1.8 55d escort van, when I wanted to use my old car stereo from my honda civic in this van I had to buy one of those fascia adapter things that blank of the space left underneath the single din stereo but those adapters are crap and break easily and mine broke and the stereo never stayed in place securely so couldnt wait to buy a double din stereo so that I wouldnt have to !Removed! about with adapters to secure it.
My fathers day present from the mrs and kids was a double din stereo from ebay (brand new in box), well chuffed but went to fit it in the van the other day and found it was the right size in width but not in height :o :(
I think im gonna have to cut away the plastic strip that runs across the middle of the double din opening in the dash to get the stereo in, that's not much of a problem, its an old van so doesn't matter really, the problem is - I need to get a cage/fitting kit of some sort so that it fits in neatly, and secures the whole stereo somehow from within the inside of the dash.
Anyone suggest any ideas, maybe someone has done this before and knows what kit I need or suggest a way of bodging it in there that will work just as well?


Iv got the same problem with mine, i just ordered a 2din stereo off ebay and have just realised its about 9 mm short of fitting, have you had any luck with finding a fitting kit on the net?