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A Few Niggling Problems.

23 June 2014 - 04:15 PM

Hi all..


I am having a few niggling problems with my 2001 focus.

First is that the front passenger electric window, goes down without any problems.. but when i comes to putting it back up (closing) it struggles to go up/close.. comes up very slowly.. you can hear it struggling. Does anyone know what the cause of it might be? If it was the electric window motor would the open window(window down) function also not be affected?


The second problem is that the front passenger side wheel keeps develeping a bump on the tyre after a while. This is the 3rd tyre that has developed a bump on the tyre. It is causing the steering wheel to wobble as i drive. Braking is not affected nor is the car pulling to one side. I have checked that the tyre is not catching on the wheel arch lining or anything. What else could i check/be causing the tyre to develope a bump?


Thanks in advance guys :)

To Fix Or Scrap... Advice Needed..

04 February 2014 - 12:18 PM

Need some advice for my ex please… she brought a 1.6 diesel ford focus auto.. she paid £3795 for the car about 7 months ago from a private seller. It's a 2008 and approx 70,000 miles. Exact model is: ford focus ghost tdci cvt it's a 1560cc diesel .

She recently had to pay £1258 to fix it at first. It had a catalytic convertor and dpf, resonator assy, mass air flow center, air filter and 4 new tyres.

A week after getting the car back… the car had more problems, in that it had no drive, engine running but no movement, she started the car and put it into drive but the car would not move. The garage she took it, are now quoting over £3000 to fix it.. something to do with transmission - the turbines damaged, transmission and needs a torque convertor.

What do you think is best for her to scarp the car or get it repaired??

Thanks in advance :)


What Size Nut Is It Please (Wheel)...

22 January 2014 - 03:12 PM

Hi Guys...


I have snapped one of my wheel studs on my 2001 ford focus 1.6.. I had got a new wheel stud and nut that I need to fit it on.. simple enough job. But i need to know what size nut the one in the pic pointing  to is please.. so i can get the rightsize socket to take it off??
I got the pic off the web but don't know the size of it... don't want to take the wheel off and measure the nut then have to put the wheel back on to go to the stores to the get the right socket... if anyone on this site already knows what the size is already please??




Thanks in advance guys :)

Temp Sensor??

06 January 2014 - 07:47 PM

I need to get the "temp sensor in head between spark plugs" changed
on my ford focus i have been told when i got my clutch and timing belt
changed by the garage

Is that the cyclinder head temperaute (CHT) sensor.. this part:

Temperature Sensor (Coolant Sensors/Temp Switches)

Thanks guys :)      

Electric Window Not Working

02 January 2014 - 10:15 PM

My front drivers side electric windows has stopped working... it was working fine this morning however this evening on the way home it has stopped working. The front passenger side window is working fine.. from both the controls on the passengers side and drivers side control/buttons.. 
The car is a 2001 ford focus... it only has electric front windows. What do i need to check.. is there a separate fuse for each window or anything like that.. I simple fix or something?
Thanks in advance guys