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15 February 2010 - 06:30 PM

Thanks for the info, you were right with the whistling noise and yep voltage was 11.6 and so car is now in garage getting new one fitted which turned out to be a nightmare as the alternator is at the back of the engine and with the gas pipes it has to come out throught the bottom, meaning drive shaft, wishbone TRE etc all has to come off then drop the driveshaft bracket, unbolt the alternator from the mounting bracket and wiggle everything out. Cost me 180 quid all in so pretty happy with that to be honest. 3hrs labour at 24quid/hr and 85 for the alternator. I see on the newer models the alternator is at the front. Much better place to put it as it would only have been a 1/2 hr job, but hopefully thats it sorted.