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In Topic: Mk7 Ford Fiesta Footrest Problem

17 August 2014 - 09:54 AM

Hi, the feeling of any clicks etc. from the steering on mine (which also happens to be an automatic, although I don't think that is connected) have been cured by the dealer lubricating the steering column somewhere.  Hope this helps.


In Topic: Dtc P0033 - Ford Fiesta Mk6 58Plate

25 May 2014 - 09:23 AM

Seems a logical thing to do but as amatter of interest, how do you clear the fault codes ?

In Topic: Long-Term Battery Problem.

22 January 2014 - 10:47 AM

I have bought a solar panel from Maplins for £9.99 as suggested by FOCA.  At that price it's worth giving it a try.  Thanks.

In Topic: Long-Term Battery Problem.

18 January 2014 - 10:39 AM

Thanks, that is all interesting advice.  I like the idea of the solar trickle charging, I have seen these but the problem is the car is usually in the garage  this time of the year (not so much in the summer and is also handy to hook up the charger) so I'm not sure how much light it would get. In the last few days I also had  considered upgrading the battery size as you suggest.  It seems a sensible move.

When I called the AA out (at least twice) to this problem, they clipped a current detector on the battery lead to test for current drain and the result was a negligable reading, not enought to cause a problem. The same meter also showed a healthy input to the flat battery from the alternator (30 amps at the time I think). As an ex electrical engineer, I  do have what we used to call clamp meters for measuring AC current but does anyone know where can I get a device such as the AA used for clamping on to DC cables ?  I don't really want to start disconnecting the battery cables.

Harking back to the days of dynamos, we used to use centre-zero ammeters on the dash and you could see which way the current was flowing which was great !  Not so easy with an alternator but I do accept that an alternator system is far superior.

I have considered trickle charging via the power outlet in the car so that I don't have to keep lifting the bonnet - can anyone see a problem with this (my battery charger has only about 5 amps output).

In Topic: Long-Term Battery Problem.

17 January 2014 - 10:40 AM


thats exactly the same battery i have from when the car was new, 5 years ago, its not low rated so im sure your not using all that current to bog it down, and if all the general connections ie alternator to battery is fine i dont see why its not charging, it either bad luck with a dodgie batch of batteries, just not enough running to keep it charged or there is something else wrong inside the car. have you double checked the battery saver is working? ie sit in the car and lock it with the fob wait 30-35mins (its boring i know ive done it haha) and then all lights and sounds should be off, only thing still on is the immboliser light on the dashboard, which is the only thing left powered up when locked, but then that only draws milliamps so that would never drain a battery. im stumped with you m8 tbh, if you can try and use it for longer trips and see what its like, but after that i would say if ford or even a local garage could help but they would only check what we have talked about, and then probs just stick another battery in, so i have no more ideas tbh sorry

The only light that stays on for a while is the amber 'locked' light and that goes out after about 2 minutes.  You are dead right that current drawn on each start up has to go back in somehow but It does seem odd that in such a modern car that short trips run the battery down so quickly.  I have had many classic cars even  back in the days of dynamos (remember them ?) and one in particular used to stand unused for months on end but would usually still start.  In fact, I did have this problem once with my previous mk 7 Fiesta (a diesel) but it only let me down once on a snowy day and we jumped into the VW Beetle to go out and it started after standing for months !

Significantly, I believe the diesel models have a larger battery for the extra torque needed to turn these engines.  In my opinion, 43ah in the petrol engined Fiesta is skimping a little. 

I will continue to monitor and trickle charge my battery and thanks for all your advice.