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#324538 Long-Term Battery Problem.

Posted by Magenta on 22 January 2014 - 10:47 AM

I have bought a solar panel from Maplins for £9.99 as suggested by FOCA.  At that price it's worth giving it a try.  Thanks.

#278817 2013 1.6 Powershift Mpg??

Posted by Magenta on 31 July 2013 - 08:39 AM

To get this back on topic, I'll give some friendly advice on the original queries raised...


Firstly, many people do refer to the quoted manufacturer economy figures and expect to achieve these in real world conditions. The catch here is that manufacturers create optimum conditions (constant ideal temperature, constant speed, distance etc) so that scientifically at least, they produce a fair test which is comparable across brands. Due to the controlled nature of these tests, many people will struggle to achieve these quoted figures.


With regards to your car, I don't think there are any issues with it, it just needs to be driven a bit more and properly bedded in so that all the components begin to work efficiently. Autos have traditionally been thirstier than their manual equivalents, but as technology develops, this has been seen less and less - I work in the industry and have experience with both Peugeot's EGC gearbox and VW group's DSG/S-tronic gearbox which are just as efficient (if not more) than their manual cousins - Powershift is Ford's version of this very same technology.


It's also worth mentioning that while the trip computer is a good indicator of your economy, it might be a good idea to calculate the MPG for a few fill ups and see how different your workings are from the car's read-out.


Hope that helps :)

Some nice common sense advice and info - thanks James.  The only plus point of the "automated manual" box I experienced (won't mention the manufacturer again !) was that the actual mpg figures I achieved were as good as the manual manufacturer-quoted figures proving that auto technology can work economy-wise.

Some of us also choose an auto because we prefer them to drive, chaps.  Just as we are free to choose any other option to suit oiur tastes !

#271882 Car Mats

Posted by Magenta on 01 July 2013 - 07:57 AM

Yes, technically, fitted mats are an extra but most dealers throw them in for free on such a huge purchase as a new car which is what I have always had happen.  .  It is the least they can do as a thankyou for your order.  Your dealer is just being a bit mean.

#270610 Ford Fiesta Zetec

Posted by Magenta on 26 June 2013 - 07:51 AM

I'm now on my second Mk7 which says it all really I think !

#136000 Miles Till Empty Query

Posted by Magenta on 15 July 2011 - 07:29 AM

Hi all,

I took delivery of my new Fiesta Titanium and absolutely love it so far!

The salesman pointed out the 'Miles Til Empty' indicator, and when I left the dealer it read 62. I then filled the tank and it read 339.

I then took it for its initial spin, a known route and distance = 42 miles.

But this morning my 'Miles Till Empty' read a worrying 260!

I did notice it falling faster than the distance should have warranted yesterday, but thought it might be a running in/settling down thing.

But is this usual??? Can anyone help???

Thank you

I wouldn't take the reading too literally as it is only a guide and is designed to be pessimistic so that you don't run out! I am on my second New Fiesta Titanium (this ones an auto) and am very pleased with both cars. You will read elsewhere on this site (Fiesta Club) that Ford's published mpg figures are a bit optimistic to say the least. Despite that, it's a great car.