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In Topic: Injector Knocking And Boost Pressure

18 July 2011 - 05:19 PM

thanx for the guidance mate! the link u sent looks quiet easy to follow.
will start work on it once the weather gets better, as for the injectors, after iv cleaned out manifold and see how it runs ,then its time for the injectors to be sorted if it still persists!the info about the injectors u sent is very enlightening! il put up post once iv done all this work with the results!
thanx again, god bless!

In Topic: Injector Knocking And Boost Pressure

17 July 2011 - 10:33 PM

check and clean if required the egr valve,also check the intercooler pipe on the bottom of the valve for splits. if you have an electronic acuator on the turbo check to see if the arm moves back and forth when started.

hi ralph
had a new intercooler pipe put on last year, and took off egr, was clogged up like a good un but cleaned it up etc ,left it in petrol overnight and freed it up and put it back on,,this was all done last year!
so what im asking is could it be the actual manifold thats clogged up??? and with regards to the knocking, i think and have been told it could be 1 of the injectors?? which 1 usually goes on this particular engine and whats the firing order of the injectors,
ps ,sm1 told me thats is usually the injector nearer the timing belt that usually goes?????
some of your enlightening guidance wont go amiss mate!!!

In Topic: Video - Is This Normal Clatter ??

15 May 2011 - 10:07 PM

ok so the first problem discovered making some noise is a worn bush on tensioner. ive ordered one from the UK so will let everyone know if the noise dissapears (ill have the mechanic check cam chain and tensioner while he is working on that end of the engine). I had the mechanic reassemble the bad tensioner so i could use the car locally in the mean time as they wanted 550 BND (270 GBP) for the tensioner alone (not fitted). I got the gates kit (with another pully and new belt) for much cheaper delivered.

also found was a broken lower engine mount, i have bought a 2nd hand one so perhaps that will clear up some noise and certainly some vibration (heopfully the horrible nosie) !

tensioner, all day long! its normal for mondeos, for some reason when you start them from cold they cause a racket, as you drive and warm up the noise slowly goes away!
replace tensioner and belt!
im living with mine until its proper !Removed!! lol

In Topic: Turbo On 2Liter Tdci 54Plate Not Cuttin In

15 May 2011 - 09:50 PM

seems similiar problem that i have, will start and drive but accelerate it smokes v badly and turbo seems to kick in at 2700rpm.

ok if its smoking ,check your intercooler pipe , might be split thus causing the loss of power and smoke,,the pipe is located to the left of the radiator, and goes down parallel to the rad!
if it aint that or you cant find no splits then get your erg valve cheked, its probably clogged up,,get it taken off and cleaned with petrol,,dip it in petrol and clean it up properly!
if its not that then might be a turbo problem ,sometimes they start playing up etc ,it could be the fins are stiking??
good way to chek is to drive the motor and have the window down and wen the turbo cuts in at about 2000revs you can hear it,,,,if its making a clattery noise that means your turbos playing up,
if youve got a glow plug light on the dash that is flashing or a engine management lite flashing ,get the code read from a code reader,,some bak street mechanics do have them and then get bak to me with the codes or just look them up on the net!!