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Injector Knocking And Boost Pressure

12 July 2011 - 05:52 PM

few problems i think! on starting cold, its spitting and farting, missing ! once warmed up idles ok , but missing a bit! knocking sound when pulling off, not the tensioner noise! sounds like injector knocking! and 2nd problem is, boost pressure i think! got the code read and it was boost pressure problem!
when im driving from cold and have the turbo come in ,power comes through then suddenly into limp mode,glow plug lite comes on! i switch off and on again and lite goes out and carry on but got to be careful not to build up high revs whilst driving because once turbo kiks in if i carry on accelerating to high revs turbo cuts out and goes into limp mode????thus im not utilising the full revs and power! but once the motor is properly warmed up i have no problems at all??? the injector knocking is always there but is reduced once the car is warm!
how do i know or test which injector is gone??? and is it a common problem associated with a certain number injector,be it 1 ,2 ,3 or number 4 injector? with regards to the turbo cutting out,iv been told it could be a gummy turbo or it could even be a leak or it could be a sensor???
how do i nail this problem or narrow down the fault finding, please help!!!