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#114915 Fuel Economy Seems Terrible So Far

Posted by Nay ZS on 19 February 2011 - 05:10 PM

Love this topic.

IMHO I think that most Fiesta owners are too embarrassed to admit that they have chosen a car with lousy MPG performance and exaggerate to hide their embarrassment..

I have had my 1.4 automatic titanium for 4,700 miles from new now...Wifes choice. We are still touring in Europe at speeds not exceeding 50MPG, using feather light touch on accelerator and very little braking, relying on road conditions and use of manual part of gearbox to slow the car down. Tyres are all checked daily and the car only has two people in and very little luggage.

Average speed on tour is 27 MPH and average MPG against petrol purchased is a miserable 37 MPG. Most driving is over 100 mile distances and on smooth, easy roads.

Sorry, but if you want a good MPG car then buy a Volkswagen.

If you want an average about town and country car that is easy to drive and cheap to maintain, buy a Fiesta.

I have come to like most of it but economically, a definite NO.

Swings and roundabouts but definitely lousy MPG.

You are kidding right. I find your comments quite funny. The 1.6 petrol is much more frugal than your 1.4 auto. I can happily sit in 5th gear at just under 30 mph.

As for my driving style. A mix of town traffic, motorway and country roads. My average speed is 28 mph, over the miles I covered since I got the car a year ago.

Going on to motorways I really do boot it hard if safe, using all the revs in 1st and 2nd. For reference the Zetec S does 60 in second !! I normally cruise at about 75 - 80 ish.

Driving up the steep Derbyshire hills again I like the boot it hard and feel the goodness of the 1.6 !

My long term average is 40 mpg without having to hypermile it like you do. My old 1.6 clio with less power and much higher Co2 output had a long term average of 33 mpg and never higher than 41 mpg on a long run. Due to the fact my area is sooo hilly including nearby motorways I save my fuel on the downhill sections after booting it up them.

I have been on many a country dash through the Peak District and had just over 50 mpg on the readout over 30 - 50 miles of road.

Yes I am aware that the computer isn't 100 % put when I work it out properly its only about 1 or 2 mpg out at most !

As other members state, its no brainer that a 1.4 auto in a Fiesta, combined with the driving your doing is going to be poor.

The 1.6 Ti-VCT is a great engine because you don't have to work it hard in day to day driving and 40 mpg is acheivable without driving it like granny. I find the mpg figures even more impressive considering how high the engine is revving on the motorway.

45 - 50 mpg on the motorway driving it at 70 and being smooth is also very easy to do im my car. I can't help but feel because you are a little bitter you are trying to make the rest of us feel bad by questioning our better figures....