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In Topic: Booooo Hoooooo!! Dented Car.

15 February 2011 - 10:59 AM

I think if it would have been that much i would have honestly died! The guy i used is from Doncaster so i doubt very much he would come to Bristol.

It's not 100% perfect as it was on the lip next to the door handle, he was scared of pushing it too far incase he cracked the paint.

They have a Ding & Dents in Bristol, so I'm going to give them a call as soon as I get the time. My car goes into a service next week, so I may just ask the garage to give me a quote and if it's under 100 then I will just let them do it.

I can't stop staring at the dent though, makes me want to cry :(

In Topic: Booooo Hoooooo!! Dented Car.

14 February 2011 - 03:08 PM

Thanks guys, Dings & Dents look good so I will see what they quote. 40 sounds reasonable though. I was expecting it to be about 100-200!

In Topic: First Service

30 January 2011 - 09:12 AM

Thanks guys, the only reason why I wanted to get it serviced now is because I'm moving from Bristol to London at the end of the month, so I'm hoping it will be cheaper in Bristol and I already know a good garage. I wanted to know if it was possible to do it early without voiding the warranty.

I will probably try and get it done the week before I move, from the check list it sounds like it's going to take all day to service.

In Topic: Mk 7 1.6 Tdci (95Bhp) Mpg Issues, Anyone Else?

12 November 2010 - 04:13 PM

Take your foot off the floor, simples :P

Mine was 55ish now 50-53, I put it down to cold weather = longer to warm up engine and uses more fuel.

Of course taking my foot of the floor would help, but it's not going to give me nearly 500-600 miles from a tank! Even when I was averaging 54MPG I was only getting about 380 miles. I'm wondering if I have a problem with my car as the MPG seems very low compared to everyone that has posted.

In Topic: Mk 7 1.6 Tdci (95Bhp) Mpg Issues, Anyone Else?

12 November 2010 - 03:32 PM

i do around 450 miles on a tank rather than the 550-600 normally.

Wow, how do you manage that?! I barely get 350 miles from a tank.

My MPG was averaging at 50-54, but recently it's dropped to around 47-48 even though I'm still driving with my foot stuck to the floor. :unsure: I have the old 1.6 TDCI, but it's only done 6000 miles.