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In Topic: FOC Stickers

23 March 2010 - 11:33 AM

hello mate got the sticker 2day looks great on me car thanks alot :D

What a pile of junk i wunt be seen dead in that :)

In Topic: Stll got hunting problems with me TDCi

23 March 2010 - 11:28 AM

Ongoing problem ive got here sorry bout all the posts..
2004 2.0TDCi 103bhp 60,000miles.
full service 2,000 miles ago.
auxilary tensioner pulley and auxillary belt changed 400 miles ago.
bottle of wynns injector cleaner E.C.U reset and changed to shell diesel 200 miles ago.....!
EGR cleaned and MAF checked all nice and clean.
Have put it on a diagnostic hand held no DTC's present nor pending.
Problem is when on idle the engine hunts around and below the 750 r.p.m, when i have lights, wipers and blowers on it gets worse?
only happens on idle, runs lovely when driving plenty of power, drives really smooth.
Its only on idle this happens and if the Idle spped is sitting on 800 r.p.m when cold its good no problems.........?
Please and thankyou in advance to any one who can help or suggest the answer to my cars hunting idle problems.......?

My advise get shut the 103bhp engines are crap and wunt pull you outa bed on a morning :) go for the beefier 130bhp zetec s or even better the 150 st.

In Topic: Diamondbrite... Have I Been Ripped Off?

11 March 2010 - 08:12 PM

You can buy exactly what the dealer buys on eBay - for a tenner. Stick Diamondbrite into eBay and you get results like this all over the place...

on eBay

It's a synthetic sealant which works no differently from any other sealant - in fact it's less effective than many. It is a complete rip off and the biggest markup I have ever seen on any product.

Hi scotguard is alot better than dimondbrite i paid 99p plus 3 p+p for mine of ebay and did it my self you get alot more satisfaction doing it ya self.

In Topic: Mondeo Zetec S Alloys Wanted

11 March 2010 - 08:06 PM

i had a look they re expensie you could buy 4 aftermarket wheels new with tyres and fitted for what they want for the rims alone

I no pal they are expensive i have a set on at the moment but im wanting another clean set they are like rockin horse !Removed! to get old of im not botherd about after market rims im a ford man so i like to keep my cars all original ford part if i can

In Topic: Mondeo Zetec S Alloys Wanted

11 March 2010 - 08:02 PM

have u tried ebay?

Hi yes ive tried ebay mate thes some on but the batterd and the bloke still wants 480 so al leave that