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In Topic: 55 Reg Fiesta 1.25 ABS warning light intermittent

16 March 2010 - 07:54 AM

Thankyou LS Auto Repair that has helped as you have said you have dealt with many. ford will not accept its a problem so i am gathering proof. yes have been to fords very unhelpful and have only offered 10 percent! 70 pound in vouchers which does not solve the problem.. will probably be taking legal action as in my rights under sales good act i believe i am not liable for the repair. thankyou for your help x

Well i hope you get it all sorted.

Fords know about it but they dont consider it a big problem as they dont have thousands come in with that fault but unless they want a thing like toyota i feel car dealers should take charge of faults like these

In Topic: Diamondbrite... Have I Been Ripped Off?

16 March 2010 - 07:49 AM

Yes in short you have been ripped of salesman work on commission so will always try and sell that to you.

it costs ford about 25 for the big all in pack and they charge it out at 300

scotchguard is much better.

In Topic: Ford Kuga Rear Door Leak

15 March 2010 - 09:31 PM

There is a known ford concern for rear doors on kugas leaking so your local ford garage should know about it.

it came out last week so it may be worth while looking on etis to find out or booking it back into fords.

I agree with artscot79 but thats exactly what fords have done with the focus cc the hard top leaks all the time and the cc's are always in the workshop. fords know about that and yet do nothing.

In Topic: Abs Module Failure

15 March 2010 - 09:25 PM

If you view andy towny's post i think my post will shed some light

In Topic: 55 Reg Fiesta 1.25 ABS warning light intermittent

15 March 2010 - 09:18 PM

Right folks ive been reading through your posts and its nothing to do with moisture in the cluster and the year of fiesta your all descripting they dont have vehicle speed sensors its all done through the abs module.

Fords not just on the fiesta but the new mondeo also have major faults with water ingress in the electronic abs module which you can replace seprately to the HCU (Hydraulic control unit) which is the mechanical part of the abs module.

The abs module will cause communcation problems between the PCM (Powertrain control module) which puts the engine management light on.

Causes the speedo not to work as it cant register the signals from the wheel speed sensors.

Handbrake light, abs and traction control lights on as the electric module has or is storing a fault code in the memory.

the led display will not work as there no signal from the abs module so cant register mileage and has communcation problems.

dont drive the vehicles and slam your foot on the brake as the abs WILL NOT work and could be dangerous.

I have had many of these and that is differently the faults you all are describing.

Fords will be very un helpful, your only chance is asking for goodwill which means fords will pay a certain percentage of the overall cost of the repair and is based on a sliding scale. the more miles and older the car the less fords will be willing to pay.

I hope this helps and please contact me if i can be of further help