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In Topic: Question On Rear Seat Dvd Sound

26 March 2010 - 10:26 PM

I would be very interested to know how you got on as I had this problem at the start. My daughter is now 2 and will ware headphones and as she does my 1 yesr old just plays along.

I did however also chase this...

Will the volvo guys have a look at the connectors and see?

In Topic: S-Max 'immobiliser Active'.

26 March 2010 - 10:11 PM

Hi - we have exactly the same problem (but worse) been going on since last jan. Am getting no nearer to fixing it and don't know what else we can do. Has been in and out of the garage with no fix - each time i leave it they say it either doesn't fault or if it does when they plug it in it doesn't show a fault!!! Ford technical are no help and i fear we may be stuck with a car that frequently fails to start - not what u need with 3 small children. Just wondered how you had got on - is your sorted now?

I had this problem as well and my garage tracked it to a faulty internal intrusion detection device that caused a catastrophic electrical failure in the car! A complicated way of saying that one of the sensors has a short and stuffed the car..

Fixed in 3 hours..

In Topic: smax official trouble topic

19 April 2009 - 08:18 AM

I have a couple of problems I noticed:

Updated - 2010-03-26

  • The satnav crashes out (happened 3 times in 8 months) and the only way to get it working again is to leave the car overnight - fixed after software update
  • The Computer (nav, radio and everything else) system crashes. Requires restart. (happens every couple of weeks) - Fixed after software update
  • Sometimes the power from the acellorator "flutters" at constant speed. (happens every few journies, and requires reboot) - Has not happened after power stering fixed
  • Whining noise from power stearing when turing while moving. - Fixed by dealer after complete failure. Known fault.
  • Service oil notification for "fix at next service" - Fixed at next service
  • Alarm problem notification for "fix at next service" - Fixed by dealer after complete failure (faulty internal intrusion detection device that caused a catastrophic electrical failure).
  • Bluetooth thelephone integration "redial" button never works an always sais "invalid number" - Fixed with software update
  • Bluetooth thelephone integration sometimes fails (requires reboot) - Fixed with software update
  • Bluetooth thelephone integration fails to start "Mobile voice recognition" option. - Fixed with software update

I will keep this list updated as I will use it when I take the car in :) Does not stop me loving the car...

In Topic: noisy power steering

19 April 2009 - 08:06 AM

Car went in yesterday for diagnostics to be carried out and they have got to replace the steering rack, something todo with the valves not pumping the fluid. lucky its still in warranty, it goes in next week.
Maybe this is another problem like the alarm module.

I have this very same problem :) will get it checked out at the next services with all the other problems :)