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Rear bump stop seats?

08 October 2008 - 01:29 PM


You know the rear bump stop seats that limit the strut travel on the rear suspension? Far as I know there attached to the rear crossmember. There's meant to be a layer of rubber on these seats that reduce impact noise. This seems to be worn on mine. Just wondering can this be replaced?

Ford or KYB shocks

09 July 2008 - 11:38 AM

Hi lads. Approaching 112,000 miles and don't think shocks have ever been renewed - still has the motorcraft ones. I have price of 134 for front AND rear KYB shocks from an online store in the UK. The site describes them as so:

"Excel-G Shock Absorbers (Gas Filled) Standard replacement gas charged shock absorbers, offering an economical upgrade and available for most European cars"

And also have price from fordpartsuk for full set at 129. Not that much in the price.

Have any of you bought KYB shocks or know much about them. Like what the difference might be, comfort, durability etc.

What would you go for Ford or KYB?