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In Topic: Error Messages On Fiesta Ecoboost. Any Advice Please?

18 July 2013 - 07:14 PM

Thanks for taking the time to give me such detailed info Dark Knight!  


Ford rang her back this week and sent parts to the dealer.  So today she has taken the car to the dealer and they have fitted these parts. 


She got home without any problems, which given recent outings is an improvement, so hopefully the problem has been resolved.  If not then the info you have posted will come in very handy as I think she may well have had enough! 


I'll let you know if the problem has been resolved with todays actions.


Thanks again :)

In Topic: Error Messages On Fiesta Ecoboost. Any Advice Please?

17 July 2013 - 09:42 PM

So a quick update on this.  The problem was getting worse not better, and the engine light coming on more often, so last week she called Ford direct, following advice from here,  explained the problem, and it seems the dealer had not reported it at this time (a week after she took it to them).    Who promised to call the dealer and then her back.  A week later no call from Ford so she rang them again on Mon and told hem the car is no longer fit for purpose, and not happy  So yesterday they did call her back and have sent some parts to the dealer so hopefully these will be fitted in the next few days, and the car will funtion normally again.


Between this time, the warning sign and the engine cut offs were happening a lot more frequently (5 times in 20 miles), and i witnessed this on sat morning, she hadnt even gotten off our drive!!  the message was on, and the engine was making wierd kind of convusling noises, as if pulsing on and off (difficult to expalin with out sound effects).  she has recorded every time this has happened and the milage for amunition should she need it for amunition


So it seems getting ford incolved is slow, but hopefully will sort the problem.  Ill update if it does!


thanks for all your help.

In Topic: Error Messages On Fiesta Ecoboost. Any Advice Please?

09 July 2013 - 09:50 PM

OK ill tell her to mention that when she rings the garage tomorrow.  If not i may get her to try a different garage.


I think you may be right about them not being bothered as she is not a paying customer (warrently) part.

In Topic: Error Messages On Fiesta Ecoboost. Any Advice Please?

09 July 2013 - 09:38 PM

Hi Guys thanks!


I think she is going to call the garage back and if no joy call ford directly.  Does anyone happen to know the appropriate number??


Today the message appeaered, and lost acceleration 3 times in 1 journey, and the last time the engine management light came on and didnt go off when she retared the car... 


She need to drive on the motor way in a few weeks and is getting quite nervous about it as obviously this car is not safe on the motorway.



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23 December 2012 - 05:16 PM

Thank you, ill have a look in the menu tomorrow and see if i can reset it.

Magenta, yes a coolant temp gague. I noticed this straight away and commented to the dealer.

I have had a little drive today and its much nippier than my 1.4, looking forward to giving it a run up the motorway!

The gears will take some getting used to, as when i changed to 4th at 30(ish) as habbit the engine was laboured. I also discovered the chnge gear arrow - its now in the trip computer display, not a light on the dash as in mine. It recommends changing to 4th at nearly 40 and 5th at 50... unlike mine which recommends chaning to 5th at about 38... But otherthan this not really much different to mine for feel.

Ill ask if i can take some pics but not sure if ill get time until after xmas now.