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Error Messages On Fiesta Ecoboost. Any Advice Please?

07 July 2013 - 07:07 PM

Hi wondering if any of you have heard of/experienced this


My mom bought a 1 litre eco boost fiesta in December. a few months ago, on starting up, an error message came saying: engine malfunction, service soon.  So this happened a few times, and the word malfunction is clearly worrying so she took it back into the dearlership where she bought it from,  who put it on the computer but found no faults.  They said they had reset the computer and this should not appear again.


Roll on a few days and the message: engine malfunction service now came on, only this time the car lost acceleration, and she had to  pull over to restart the engine.  4 days later this happened again so she took a picture of the message rang the dealer back and got it booked in to have
it checked out again.  In the mean time this has started to happen more frequently (upto 5 times a day) and almost every day!


She took it back in and again they found no issue but said they think it might be a sensor that is being triggered and sending the engine into safe mode – hence the lack of acceleration.  The garage have said they will get on to Ford about it, but not enough complaints for Ford to actually do anything about it...  She had barely got out of the forecourt when it went again, she took it back but they didn’t seem  interested to see the problem in action.


Now obviously this is rather unsafe, and there is clearly something wrong with the car any advice on where to go from here.


Many thanks