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In Topic: Power Steering Fluid Leak - track Rod End

11 April 2009 - 11:04 AM

Hi Guys - Im new to this forum - this is my first post !

The problem i have is this: I have a N reg 1996 Mondeo - in January of this year the high pressure hose for the power steering ruptured and needed replacing. since then, i have noticed a small leak on coming from the front left wheel. recently that leak has become worse. Over the last week i have noticed that when i turn my wheel there is a 'screeching' noise coming from the steering - my power steering fluid thingy was completely empty- so i topped it up. in the last 7 days i have had to put over 1ltr of power steering fluid into the car - the fluid appears to be leaking quite badly - looking under the car it looks like it is coming from the track rods (please see pic attached)!

any suggestions on what this could be? is it expensive to repair?

Thanks guys.


The leak is from the rack gator, which shows you have an internal leak from the rack which is by-passing the gator, if you can pull it back and look closer would be an advanatge. You can buy the tie rods but looks more like a rack job.

In Topic: Montune upgrade

11 April 2009 - 08:39 AM

My OH has got a bee in his bonnet about the Montune now, we have seen the upgrade pack for the engine but nothing for the bodywork extras/wheels etc, has anyone got any links to where he can find out more about the whole montune upgrade if thats possible? thanks x

Michelle i had the pleasue of driving a Fiesta Mountune on a dealer day i got invited to and can only say you lucky lady. Cant say the looks appeal to much but the preofmance is back to true blue hot hatch. reminded me of my days in the xr2 and 2i. You notice the the 140ps upgarde from the standard 115ps and the torque at 170nm is also impressive. We where driving the standard Focus and Fiesta-s before being inleashed on the Mountune, everyone was more then impressed with the handing and spped it got through the corners, made a great track day car, and can only hope it is as much fun on the public road.

Have fun, and stay blue

In Topic: Anglia 105e

11 April 2009 - 07:17 AM

I've been lookin for a 105e for a lil while now but dnt rele wana spend much more than 300 quid on one as itll just b rebuilt! Obviously i dont want it bein a total crusty rust bucket, but if anybody knos of one goin or even a rolling shell thts in that price-range pleeeeeease let me kno :D


My farther-in-law has one for sale. Fully ralle spec, but no engine or transmission, 2 many extras to list but might be out of your price range at a 1000, but what a car. Used it many times on track days, and it can drift better then most evo's

In Topic: Mk6 1.4 eating catalytic converters

11 April 2009 - 07:06 AM

Hi, i have a 2003 i.4 zetec fester.

The engine light illuminated a few months ago and was diagnosed by GK Ford Carlisle as having a blocked cat, we had a cat fitted supplied by TMS motor spares, about a month later the light has come back on and Ford have diagnosed once again a faulty cat, is there any common faults with the mk6 that would cause it to damage cats i.e. running rich etc, it does use a very small amount of oil but nothing other than normal usage, it had new lambda sensors, plugs and ht leads when cat was fitted, it's currently on very thin ice as we've had it 4 months with nothing but trouble!, cheers.

You may be getting codes for the Cat but has anyone looked into a possible oxygen sensor? Also if your Cat is faulty it should not pass an emmission test. Has this been checked? another possible concern could be with the PCM given a false reading, causing the DTC tp be logged. Try an emmission test first then look at the oxygen sensors.

Good luck

In Topic: electric window

11 April 2009 - 06:57 AM

hi all, earlier tonight i was out in my car when i went to put the window on the drivers side down but nothing happened all i got was a clicking noise, but the passenger side works fine, anyone any ideas what this could be?

If your getting the clicking, this indicates that power is being sent from the switch to the motor/regulator. It would appear that the motor has seized. You could always swap the switch from the doors to prove that it is not a switch concern.