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In Topic: Clamping Question?

01 May 2011 - 09:27 AM

if it is a public road they cant touch your car dude if they do u can take them to court for damages it is a public road and you pay your road tax, it is agents the law for them to do it becoz the only ppl who can claimp on a public road is the local govement but there has to be signs up everywere and thgen they can only do it if your are in a permit area, yellow lines, keep clear or a set of red lines it is not agents the law for you to block a driveway if there is no car on the drive the police will do nothink if the person who owns the drive calls them they wont even come out good luck dude

In Topic: Why Is My Focus Hunting?

30 April 2011 - 10:48 PM

please help....my 54 plate focus has had 2 coil packs, sparks and leads then eventually 2 valves which finally resolved the problem of it hunting when stationary, now 2 months on engine management light is back on and hunting again!! its previously been on diagnostic machine and had compression check. why has problem returned and what could be the cause? open to suggestions!!

just a few thing i had with my brothers car when it was doing the same it took me 3months at looking at the car and then i clocked on what it was

1)have you changed the throttle body on the car
if not
take the air intake hose (the bit from air box to engin)off it and have a look when the car is running see if it is letting air in
if it has been changed it could be the wrong one
just a few things to look at be4 you change anything that costs to much