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30 April 2011 - 10:26 PM

my mate is having big probs with his st170 it keeps coming up with the eng mangament light in orange he has took it to a ford dealers near us like a twit and they have put it on the computer and said his Inlet Manifold Runner Control is nackard they want £300 for the part and 3hrs to fit it i know the for d place near me is a rip off so i was just thinking if i get a patten part i could fit it but i ant got a clue were it would be on his car so if anyone else has had this problam aswell could you just drop me a message on were i would be able to find the part on the car and would it be easy to do i do a far bit of work on cars but never had to change a Inlet Manifold Runner Control be4

thanks for your help guys