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Reversing Camera

25 March 2014 - 12:00 AM

I'm about to fit an Alpine reversing camera into my MK II Focus hatch and have got the cables from the new head unit Alpine IVE-530BT without any problems. I just wondered if anybody has any advice or encountered any problems when doing this?

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Engine Management Light

07 December 2013 - 03:07 PM


I have a possible problem with my mk2 2005 Focus LX and would be grateful to you knowledgeable people if anybody has any ideas before it cost me a fortune. About two weeks ago starting the car at 06:30 in the morning to go home after a night shift the rev counter wouldn't work, after about 200 yards it went all the way around but the revs didn't, after about 2 miles it started to work as normal and has been ok since. This morning got in the car and the engine management light stayed on and the rev counter was bouncing up and down. Everything on the car works and the engine was running fine. I had to make a journey and took it easy after a few miles the light went off. No warning lights other than the engine management light are showing. Anybody able to point me in the right direction?

Thank you in advance if anybody can help