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In Topic: Focus 1.8Td

20 September 2010 - 08:51 PM

glad mines booked in for the cambelt friday, 84k and ten yrs old, feels like im on borrowed time..lol

hope you get it sorted

Car was (and still is) booked in to garage tommorrow, just got in from work having waited 3 hrs for recovery (thats another story!)
Basically shortly after starting and turning the steering wheel to reverse out of my parking space, the steering suddenly lost all PAS and subsequently had to call out breakdown guys, turns out the cause of the rattle must have been a loose 'idler pulley bearing', this had failed causing the belt to come off, remnants of the part in the floor pan of engine compartment, hopefully not an expensive repair and only happened at 0 mph! i dread to think of the consequences if it occured yesterday whilst doing 80mph on the M2!

thanks for all replies, last and hopefully final update tommorrow!

In Topic: Focus 1.8Td

20 September 2010 - 12:29 PM

have you checked the volts at the battery when the car is running, should be approximately 13.5 to 14.6 volts if it is lower than this, it indicates that the alternator needs to be replaced. as for the bearings you will here roughness when turned by hand do this with the belt off..

Just to update further, took local garage, test on alternator shows thats working ok, possibly a problem with the starter motor itself, there is still the 'noise' as described earlier that is coming from the cam belt area, going in for further diagnosis tommorrow!

In Topic: Focus 1.8Td

19 September 2010 - 07:29 PM

could be the alternator bearings, new alternators are easy to change, if it is also replace the alternator belt

"the sounds that you say are what you would get if the alternator is worn"..

thanks for replies so far, i would also add the last couple of mornings it has been more sluggish turning over, i took it for a good 100mile round trip think the battery could do with a good charge, in view of last comment re alternator .... a possible cause? await further advice.


In Topic: Focus 1.8Td

19 September 2010 - 07:10 PM

more info needed, year, petrol or diesel..

Its a deisel, year 2000 'w'

In Topic: Replacement Rubber Seals?

05 May 2010 - 06:18 AM

there is nowhere you can order seals they only come with the headlamps many have had the same issue and i can confirm from trying to find them myself they dont exist as replacement parts you will either need to buy new headlights or get a set from a breakers yard with the rubbers still attatched with the headlight removed they can be taken off yet replacement seals even ford will tell you you have to buy the headlamps

Thanks artscot79,

i think i will leave a while and keep an eye out for some s/h ones, i was considering buy some readily available 'door seal' type rubber, cutting to suit and glueing to the white plastic bit that remains.