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Focus 1.8Td

19 September 2010 - 05:13 PM

Hi, over last couple of days noticed 'differant (rougher/rattley/tapping)' not anything severe but just a noticable differant noise from under the bonnet as opposed to the usual smoother sound, taking in to fords for a check tomorrow just incase it needs attention.
i'm wandering if the cam belt would need changing, i can not see any evidance in the service history that i have of it being done.

service history todate:

sept 01 mileage 17687 - Ford annual service

sep 02 mileage 26554 - Ford annual service

may 03 mileage 30072 - major service (no details)

may 05 mileage 38625 - Annual service

may 08 mileage 49591 - Annual service

april 10 mileage 53548 Annual service

i have had the car just prior to getting it serviced in april, mileage now 59560

any advice on whether i'm looking at a cam belt change / water pump drive belt etc (assume both would be done same time) and likely charges from Fords / non Fords would be appreciated.


Replacement Rubber Seals?

04 May 2010 - 05:21 PM


Can anyone recommend best place to order replacement Rubber seals that run across the top of the Headlamp units, both mine have perished and subsequently just left with the white plastic bit attached to the lamp units.



Focus Breakdown 1.8Dti 2000

10 April 2010 - 11:35 AM

I didnt think i'd be on my second post in as many days lol, just had my focus a week, was on a trip out this morning about 10 miles from home,sudden loss of power, glo plug warning light flashing, bit of smoke out the back!
Pulled over and had the car recovered back to Ford garage (conveniently opposite where i live!)
Any ideas guys as to problem? i know its in the best place at the moment, just hope it wont cost an arm and a leg!
Started ok by the way off the recovery lorry. Having MOT and interim service same time.


Focus Passenger Door - Won't Open!

08 April 2010 - 05:38 PM

I Have only recently joined the ford forum having changed from a vectra to a focus estate, didnt expect to have to post a problem so soon!
Here goes, basically front passenger door was unlocking / locking ok, now the 'lock' rocker switch in the car does not go fully one way or the other,can not open the door at all from the inside or even from the outside with the key!
I am taking to an auto locksmith saturday, 1st of all to reprogramme my remote key (which wasnt working when i bought the car)
will see if this manages to unlock the door 1st, if not i dont know what sort of expense i may be in for?
Has this problem happened to anyone else? would be intested to hear from anyone with any suggestions.



Just Bought A Focus!

05 April 2010 - 08:05 PM

Hi, Just introducing myself as a newbie to the Ford owners forum, just bought a 2000 Focus 1.8dti estate.
Although 10 years old only has 53k on the clock!, i used to have an 04 Vectra Estate, the less said about that the better!
i shall look forward to posting any questions if i have any problems or queries, these forums are great!