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In Topic: Ford Puma - Unidentified engine/clutch/gearbox noise when

26 April 2010 - 05:06 PM

I am sure that is the "noise". Please seek advice elsewhere if you are worried, but as previous, feel sure that is the answer. Enjoy the car, they are under-estimated. Not my car, but enjoy driving it. Enjoy yours. Keep me posted if it is anything else.

Thanks for your help,i have come across another little problem.When i turn my key so all dashboard lights come on but not engine,i usually wait until they all go off before i start engine.When i have been doing this a latley the abs,traction and the water lights come back on any ideas why this is????? :huh:

In Topic: Ford Puma - Unidentified engine/clutch/gearbox noise when

22 April 2010 - 08:42 PM

It is the ABS resetting after starting off. Noise is very mechanical, seems like the gearbox/clutch or similar, but would be surprised if it isn't that. Happens about 2000 rpm in 1st/2nd gear??? Caused concern when beloved got her Puma Thunder a couple of years ago. Expensive garage trips found nothing. It was a member like me who brought this reason to our attention. At the time this noise was common across FORD range with cars fitted with ABS. So, don't worry. Just have to live with it.

Thanks for your reply,gives some peace of mind now.I do love the car and only owned for a week. :D

In Topic: Ford Puma - Unidentified engine/clutch/gearbox noise when

19 April 2010 - 07:15 PM

Have a 2002 1.7 Puma - first thing or after parking and stopping engine for a while and then getting going when accelerating normally in 1st or 2nd gear there is a noise. This noise is like something in the clutch or gearbox is resetting or meshing. After that there is nothing, no noise or any other noises. Car goes well otherwise. No noise at any other time until you stop the engine and start up and move off again. Nothing if you depress the clutch, so not sure its related to the clutch. The car has traction control. Anything to do with that may be?? Invite anyone to comment. Have to be quick to diagnose, cos car under short warranty. Good car otherwise. Done 60K miles with full service history with ford dealerships.

Hi i have 2001 1.7 puma i have just come across a very similar problem to this.today i have just been for a free exhaust check & brake check and the tracking done at motorsave,while i was there i asked them to look the car over for me,i put on the female charm!!!they picked up on the noise, while underneath the car they noticed a slight weeping coming from either the head gasket or the thermastat!!they think this could be the noise problem any ideas on this????