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#328912 Sync Update 13 Plate Fiesta Econetic 1.0 Titanium

Posted by igglepiggle on 03 February 2014 - 07:51 PM

remove fuse 24, 

have a look at this for a guide to how to!


#253309 Sync Issue

Posted by igglepiggle on 18 April 2013 - 04:31 PM

  • Open Glove box and pull down towards floor.
  • Behind glove box is a fuse box, fuse 24  (red 10amp) look at my attached blurry picture as the fuses are not numbered or look at your handbook diagram.
  • Pull it out for several seconds and re-insert
  • Ford Shlt sorry I mean Sync will re-boot


Your become familar with this procedure as it appears ford have gave us a device that is full of gremlins.

I would not recommend taking it to a dealer its a simple 5 mins job.


Dear Mr Ford

Can we have the old Ford bluetooth system back it worked and was not broken!! :angry:

Why on earth you teamed up with Microsoft i dont know.

#145503 My New Ride - Zetec S

Posted by igglepiggle on 24 September 2011 - 12:20 PM

Help For Heroes sticker

That has ruined the appearance!

#95428 New Fiesta Mk7 Faults

Posted by igglepiggle on 31 August 2010 - 06:34 PM

Hi Andy

Thanks for your input and yes, your right, some discussions do get out of hand and certain members do get carried away and go "over the top" when giving their feedback.

It would be nice if all members gave good and sensible responses but, unfortunately their are one or two members who just can't let go or 'play nice' and, in acting in this way, they spoil it for the other members who always give good, sensible and constructive feedback to any other member who needs it.

The 'knock-on' effect of this is, that it will put off other possible members who might be thinking of registering for membership because they need good advice on their problems. So let's hope that those minority members might fall into line now.

Now, as I started this topic and have received 99.9% positive feedback from many well meaning members who have all been thanked by me, I am now requesting that, despite the fact that it has had nearly 800 views in 4 days and obviously was of interest to many potential Fiesta buyers, the MODS of the FOC Forums should now "CLOSE" the topic please.



Why bother closing it, your be starting a new topic in a few days time on the same subject!

#95034 New Fiesta Mk7 Faults

Posted by igglepiggle on 28 August 2010 - 07:03 PM


Many thanks for the support and encouraging comments from adzmcp, DanGull, Amie07, Early-1800, blade and (AndrewL - though your comment about leaving the house was well misplaced). Thanks to all of you, I've decided to continue with the order and will see it through until I take delivery of the car which, I'm sure, will turn out to be just fine.

With regard to the rather rude and unsupportive comments from igglepiggle, which were seconded by pikestones; your comments were less than useless and, if you can't say anything remotely sensible and supportive, then please don't say anything at all.

When I posted posted my earlier comments, my aim was to simply highlight the faults that many other Fiesta owner's had had with their cars and that a major car manufacturer such as Ford should not be releasing cars with these types of faults, some of which were quite serious faults which you would not expect to see on such a new model and, having said that, like many other potential buyers of the Fiesta, I don't particularly want to spend a substantial amount of my 'hard-earned' money on a car that, potentially, has faults when it leaves the factory.

And, to quote 'igglepiggle', (a weird username?), if standing up for your rights in forums, shops or in this case, at a Ford Dealership, makes me a "dealer/shop worst nightmare type of customer", then yes, your right that's me, and I am proud to take that title because they are too many customers in tnis country who just roll over and let shops, garages and the like, walk all over them. Now go and take your Prozac.

Regards and thanks again to those at the top of my reply.


I've been supportive in the other topic you started on exactly the same subject, its rather annoying you have started a new topic on the same thing.
Your worrying about somethink that has not even happened! You have after all come onto a forum that is going to attract people looking for fixes for issues they have with there cars.
Is this going to be wrong with it, is that going to be wrong with it!
You've even put the links up with what you think is going to be wrong with it :lol:
You get a thing called a 3 year warranty for any teething troubles you get.
My God heaven forbid you get any! :P

#94954 New Fiesta Mk7 Faults

Posted by igglepiggle on 28 August 2010 - 10:48 AM


I realise that topics like this one are not new and I'm sorry raise to the NEW Fiesta fault issue yet again but, as I have actually ordered one and the build date was last given as the 7th September and delivery will almost certainly be in September, I feel that, in view of all these issues that Fiesta owner's have raised, and despite the fact that after seeking advice a couple of times before and got much encouragement to go ahead and buy the car, I still need convincing about my intention to buy the Fiesta I've ordered.

There are many,many Fiesta owners who have had no faults and are extremely happy with their cars and most have even said that they would not hestitate to buy another one but, there are other owner's who have had some of the issue's described in the links that I have posted below.

One of the latest threads I read was with regard to "Floppy Gear Lever Syndrome OK who's got all the gear linkages" and this can be read in this link:


Some other fault links:



As stated in previous posts, I've owned new Escorts and Fiesta's in 1990's, new Citroen's and new Vauxhalls and my last two cars were Corsa's and I still own a 2008 Corsa SXi. I can honestly say that we have had no problems that were not due to 'wear and tear' and my present Corsa is 2 1/2 years old and has no issue's.

I chose the new Fiesta because I thought it was time to change back to a Ford but after joining these forums to get some info on the car from owner's of them, I have never read about so many issue's relating to one car and there is actually a thread dedicated to NEW Fiesta Faults (above).

I truly like the look and style of the NEW Fiesta and really do want to take delivery of it but, faults like the one's described in the link, should all have been rectified by now but, apparently, many are still being found and, I personally would not be happy if I bought the car in September and then, find that it had faults which meant that I had to continually call/visit my dealer to get them sorted.

I'm sure that there are many happy owners who will not like reading this and, I don't enjoy posting things like this but, the Fiesta obviously has issue's for many owner's and, like many other potential buyers, we need to know what we might be letting ourselves in for.



Do you ever have any positive thoughts? Or are they all doom and gloom?

Why don't you just stick with the Corsa? it has no faults at the moment!

None of us are Mystic Megs and you may, you may not, get problems with your new Fiesta, Who Knows!

Obviously you worry and its maybe a case of better the devil you know then you don't know.

You must be a dealer/shop worst nightmare type of customer.

God I feel like a Prozac now!! :ph34r:

#88382 Would I Have To Tell

Posted by igglepiggle on 14 July 2010 - 06:43 PM

They must also come supplied with 2 England flags to attach to your car? Bling Bling Bling Chav Chav Chav :lol: :lol: :lol:

#78292 How Do I Activate Auto Door Locking And Unlocking Drivers Door Only

Posted by igglepiggle on 18 April 2010 - 06:33 PM

Take your car remote and press the door unlock and lock buttons simultaneously for at least 4 seconds with the ignition off.
The direction indicators will flash twice to indicate that the unlocking function has been sucessfully re-programmed.
Pressing and holding both buttons simultaneously for at least four seconds again will change the function back.