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Focus Mk3 Hand Brake Cabling

20 April 2015 - 09:01 AM

Hi All


Ive recently fitted a new radio headunit to my 2014 Focus mainly thanks to help from people on here!


One thing im stumped at is the wiring required to the handbrake - the unit wont allow me to change certain settings unless the handbrake is on which is pretty annoying..


The manual states that the cable must be connected to the power supply side of the parking brake switch, ive not taken it apart yet to not to sure what to expect but when i do get there, what cables should i expect to see and where will i need to connect this?






Focus Aerial

17 April 2015 - 11:48 AM


Just a quick question I'm trying to replace my Sony head unit in my 2014 focus, I see 2 aerial like connections into the default Sony head unit , a black and white one - does anyone know which one of these I should be using for my new unit?



Replacing Mk3 Head Unit

14 April 2015 - 01:23 PM

Hi All


I have a 2014 Ford Focus Titanium Navigator and am looking to replace the current sony unit in the car, the main reason being id quite like Apple Car Play.


http://www.halfords....t this one here


My question is, has anyone fitted / had fitted an aftermarket unit into a MK3? My slight concern is it may look a bit odd, once done what displays on the original screen? I'm guessing just the time? Would also like the steering wheel controls to work if possible. 


Also currently the lock / hazard buttons are part of the sony unit, how does this work?


Am around the Guildford area if anyone can recommend any local dealers who can do this.