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27 April 2013 - 01:13 PM

Does anybody know how much it is roughly to fill the tank on an ST & what sort of range u would get with mixed driving ?

Cost me £58 from the red light. When standard unleaded was at 1.39 / ltr.
I'm getting 40.4mpg with 1400 miles on the clock now after just 3 weeks ownership.
That's mostly motorway driving and the odd - frequent blast up / down a dual carriageway.
Range trip states I'll get 380-410 miles from a tank, but I never let it let that low.
Which is about the same as my previous Mk7 fiesta S1600, which was a non turbo 120ps 1.6 petrol

In Topic: First Details Of New Fiesta St Revealed -

26 April 2013 - 06:04 AM

51.6mpg?! How you manage that? I only manage 42 with my Zetec S on an economy run!

I'd just filled the ST2 up with fuel & reset the MPG counter, then drove it from Sheffield to Nottingham on the M1 (circa 28 miles)
I changed gear when the RPMs got 1500, I only used light pressure on the right pedal and stuck to 65-70MPH.
Also it might have something to with, that the journey is predomanently downhill from Junct 31 - Junct 28

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25 April 2013 - 05:58 PM

I've ordered mine blind as well, same spec but in panther black. Only seen 1 picture of a black one.... Tempted for spirit blue but every man and his dog seem to be ordering it.

Your wish is granted.

Had my Panther Black ST2 for 3 weeks now.

















Hopefully that's enough to wet your appetite.

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07 April 2013 - 09:12 PM

Anyway on a good note how is yours , is it everything they say it is an fun :)

Sorry again couldn't resist my previous comment.

The ST2 is a completely different car to the S1600, mine was the original 120ps and there's no comparison between the two. The ST sticks to the road, acceleration is fantastic and the tones of the engine & exhaust are superb. The seats are extremely comfortable and the dark roof lining really sets off the interior.

Here's a few photos after I've spent all day today cleaning it.


In Topic: Fiesta St Reviews Are In!

07 April 2013 - 08:34 PM

Any delivery news on your car ? Mine is still at dagtops in dagenham , Fords are still having trouble shipping cars to the dealers ! I was told estimated ETA on or before 6th to my dealer meaning got to wait until next week again ? And if you wanna laugh they registered my car on the 28th march and my V5 document arrived yesterday in the post so i have paperwork and a new ST KEYRING i purchased  but no keys or car .


Snap i signed for mine on the 23rd march i have my v5 and finance docs in the post and i now have a eta of 13th april and i have to start paying for it on the 27th not funny Ford

I've not had my V5 yet and mine was signed for & registered during the last week of March. But I have got my ST2.

Sorry couldn't resist it. :lol: