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In Topic: Saved From The Scrapyard Project

Today, 09:58 AM

Change the brake fluid and check the drum brakes.
Check the spark plug lead resistance, one or more could be 'duff' and check the plugs/coil.
Nice wee runabout in the making.

In Topic: Part Number Help

Yesterday, 07:36 PM

Probably better trying a breakers yard or e-bay as I believe they cost an arm & a leg from Ford.

It'll be called something like Mk2 focus facelift chrome tailgate trim

In Topic: Just Curious

Yesterday, 02:20 PM

The mk2 mic is up by the light unit, I assume the mk3 will be the same, look for a round recess with slots in it by the light unit.

In Topic: Is Buying Online Secure (not Ebay)

02 September 2015 - 05:56 PM

Look on your task bar for the padlock sign, if it's there it's a secure website. The likes of Vodafone will be ok.

In Topic: Warning Light

31 August 2015 - 06:14 PM

Could be coil pack on its way out along with plugs and leads, check the leads resistance with a multimeter , if you don't get any reading using a meter then they're shot. ( I had a barely noticeable misfire on my fiesta that bugged me for over a year, turned out one lead had packed in! )