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In Topic: Mondeo Mk3 Starting Issue

18 September 2012 - 07:07 PM

Hi Pete, thanks for your advice, the starter only jams when she really struggles to start and i crank it too much if you know what i mean, although the starter may also not be in the best condition, i think the problem lies elsewhere.

I Didnt know about the fuel pump trick but i know i never wait for it so i will give that a go, that could be quite effective. although that wouldn't explain the reason behind it being worse when hot, but i'll give it a go in a bit.

my air filter seems clean and fine so that should be ok i hope.

the engine light isn't on so i hope there are no sensor problems.

i think you could be right with the compression theory. after a journey on the motorway i lost all water and had to fill up, that to me spells, head gasket, really hope not but im no expert, just seems like things could be heading that way :/

thank you again, any further help is handy