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My Egr Theory

08 June 2012 - 10:06 AM

Let me re explain my theory a bit better.

Standard egr takes gases from the exhaust to the egr, the egr valve opens at certain points an draws in air from the exhaust and puts dirty exhaust gases into the engine to ease emissions. Egr valves clog up from all the crap out of the exhaust... So we resort to blocking them as emission tests are not done on a diesel so no not fail. 

When blocking the egr with a plate you stop the !Removed! gasses getting in... But the valve can still operate and still wants to take in air but we have blocked it so this stops air and can cause a diesel knock.

My theory is rather than no air going in at the egr at all.... Why not swap exhaust air for fresh clean air..... So stick a universal enclosed induction kit onto the egr so when the valve opens it eats lots of nice new air.... This should mean no diesel knock... No dirty air. .... Clean efficient burning.... Better economy and more power. 

My question is what to do with the other end.... If you block it your causing more pressure in the exhaust system which could mean more back pressure to the turbo... So if we fit some kind of valve similar to that of a dump vale/ waste gate that way of pressure gets to high it can just release it out 


Please discuss 




20 April 2012 - 04:09 PM

Does anyone know how I can empty the air con on a mk1?

Don't think there is much in there anyway but don't wana remove a pipe and get sprayed or something.

It's not in a driveable state hence why I'm asking lol

Mk1 2.0 Esp Starting, Cutting Out Issues

06 April 2012 - 04:44 PM

Mk1 2000 reg 2.0l esp 5 dr 104,000miles+

A while back it started sticking its revs. IE rev up to 3,000 let go of accelrator, car stays at 3000rpm and continues to drive. no lift off.

also sometimes the revs drop and it just shuts down, normally starts again easy enough.

also sometime it just wont strat. the starter wont even turn ?

its lowered 50mm on spax adjustable dampers and springs. s/s cat back its taken some abuse by us but been serviced regularly and ive genrally cared for her well.

so we used my 2x obdII leads just to see what would come up we used fsupper using formidable and came up with this:

Posted Image

and using easy OBDII and a cheaper ebay obdII reader we got this:

Posted Image

so basically the following fault codes:
P1120 - unknown
U1027 - engine data error
J1850 - Engine Data error
P1000 - fault codes cleared
P1125 - Throttle positiona sensor A intermintant

there was also another but i cleared it it was something like - throttle postion sensor malfunction i think.

any ideas?



My F Super Results From Formidable

06 April 2012 - 04:07 PM

Right had the F supper on today and here are the results. Also to note, everytime i tried to read the injectors (not write) the car would shut down about 30 seconds after reading them?

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

i tired reving to 2,500 but as im accelerating the revs are dropping and struggling to go up. so they basically go up, up a bit more, down load, up a bit more, up a bit more, down loads all whilst my foot is accelerating gently. this has never happened before. also this morning was harder to start, 3 turns (engine turned well it just didnt fire) once it got going it was real rough like nothing before, slowly got better as it warmed up though.

No i have no idea what all the thinks on formindable mean but i can tell you the following

on PCM live data:
RPM flux between 750 and 767
FRP flux between 199 and 238 bar
MFdes 4.15 and 4.71 MG

everything else is steady.

just to clarify the egr is blocked. yet there is egrp and egrd readings during reving.

any help apreciatged.


What Causes High Levels Of Soot

26 March 2012 - 07:56 PM

What causes the high levels of soot/carbon build up in the egr/inlet???