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In Topic: No Rear End Grip On Tyres In The Wet. Dangerous!

04 November 2015 - 07:54 AM

I have a set of these Hankook Ventus V12 Evo 2 K120 fitted to my car and I'm well impressed by them. Lots of grip dry or wet and they seem to be wearing very well fuel efficiency is in the 50s and still fairly quiet in the cabin.

I had michellins on the car before they were the ones it left the factory with and to be honest the hankooks are just as good in every respect and they were 30 quid cheaper each tyre.

Just a suggestion. But yes don't go budget. I wouldn't even consider it. Why endanger yourself or anyone else.

In Topic: What Controls The Throttle.

14 October 2015 - 08:25 AM

Ok so if there is an update available then I may well take it in. Is there anyway you can tell what version is in the car now and can you see anywhere what is the latest version?

In Topic: What Controls The Throttle.

14 October 2015 - 08:05 AM

Well as I say this hire car I had was a 2014 focus zetec s 1.6 tdci with 28000 miles on it. Mines 2012 titanium X 1.6 tdci with 36000 on it. The difference although quite small was very noticeable. It made pulling away quickly so much easier. With mine I do have to make sure I have a nice sized gap when I pull away.

My car has always been this way. At first I thought it was a clutch issue. And ford did actually put a new clutch in it under warranty.

But now I'm wondering if it's to do with the throttle.

I'm just not sure if I were to take it in to ford what I would tell them. Because to all intents and purposes it works. It just don't work as nice as the hire car I had. That car was a joy to drive.

In Topic: What Have I Purchased? Clutch Issues..

25 September 2015 - 02:27 PM

My 12 plate 1.6tdci made exactly the same noise when it was warmed up and under load, pulling away uphill for example.

I took mine back to ford and they put a new clutch in it under warranty. This was August last year. Only problem is it's now started to do it again.

all you can do us take it in and hope they are a decent outfit.

Good luck.

In Topic: 2011 Ford Focus Mk3 1.6 Tdci Re-Map

14 August 2015 - 12:16 PM

Ok that would be cool. Very weird the insurance going down.