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In Topic: Sill Protectors ?

13 June 2012 - 06:18 AM

I kept them all with a full refund but i paid about 45 for them in January so i adapted the rear ones to fit they arent perfect but i made them fit!as i said to the seller i wasnt looking to rip him off but i had already fitted the front ones which where perfect i just wanted a rear set that fit he messed me about for around 2weeks being slow to reply to emails and trying to fob me off all i wannted was a rear set that fit in the end i emailed ebay to sort it he then offered me a refund which i accepted i said i would send rear ones back if he payed the P&P but he said just keep them and as the front where fitted (they stick really well) i couldnt return as a full set.

In Topic: Sill Protectors ?

12 June 2012 - 10:36 PM

I bought some exactly the same as this for wifes fiesta off ebay (cant remember the seller),the front ones fit fine very easy to install but the rear ones are shocking the grooves in the plate and the sill dont line up so they dont fit properly i complained and got a full refund.The plates do protect the sills i have 2 kids who climb in and out the car using the sills so it avoids scratches on the car sills but the protectors are scratched but thats what they are there for.

In Topic: Mk 7 Automatic Car Wash Alert !

25 May 2012 - 07:21 AM

My method is to hose the car then use zip wax car shampoo to in a large bucket of water and sponge n hose the car down again making sure I rinse off all the debris.

A Sponge will cause a lot of swirls on the car too

In Topic: Ford Cruise Control Pointless?

06 March 2012 - 05:03 PM

You've confused cruise control with speed limiter, they're totally different. I've driven plenty of cars with CC and most had a different button/option you could choose indicating whether you cruised or limited at the desired speed. Some would allow you to do both, sound like this is what you thought the fiesta did.

No speedlimiter option or any mention of it in the Audi just CC also the same in the Jag and Golf which is what im comparing to.

In Topic: Ford Cruise Control Pointless?

05 March 2012 - 04:40 PM

Thanks for the replies,with regard to the Audi it doesnt have adaptive CC just the standard CC and i will continue to use it 30MPH limits i find it works well for me not as if i fall asleep at the wheel as soon as i engage cc i am still alert to what is going on,we have quite a lot of long stretches of main roads near us that are 30MPH but not many traffic lights or roundabouts in yes still side roads but like i say im still alert to brake just as i would if i was in manual,these stretches are notorious speed traps.
My Audi is a manual so no issues with auto changing gear for me.

I have to say other than this gripe i have with the cc i have to say that SO far the Fiesta has been a cracking buy nicely loaded for a small car and quite roomy and decent to drive,it comes up great when cleaned im using werkstat on it and the flake pop from the car is unreal (moonstone silver),i say SO far due to the fact that we bought a 55plate focus brand new as the previous car and for the first 6months was in and out of the garage due to water leaking into the boot it was finally resolved and after that served us well apart from it drank fuel (1.6 petrol).