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2011 Titanium Electric Windows

11 March 2012 - 07:38 AM

Alright fellas just a quick question i have noticed the wifes drivers side elec window does not do one touch up is this correct?The window goes one touch down if you hold the botton for a couple of seconds but does not do it to close,i havent noticed if the passanger side does either.
We have 59plate basic fiesta vans at work and the drivers side does both one touch up and down again cant say if the passanger side does.

Ford Cruise Control Pointless?

03 March 2012 - 09:52 PM

My wife has a 61plate Fiesta titanium i dont drive it much,we have had the car for a couple of months.She asked me about the cruise control yesterday saying she set it at 30MPH going down a local bank/hill that is quite steep and about 2 mile long which is notorius for speed traps.She said once set at 30 and going down the bank the car gathered speed until she got to around 40MPH and felt the need to brake.So today i drove the car in the same manor down the same bank and sure enough same thing happened i was baffled,when i checked the hand book it states the car will not brake under cruise cont on an hill,so infact the cruise control should be advertised as cruise control (but read the small print only works on he flat!) i just find this pointless.I have no previous experience of ford cruise control is this how they all work?
I own an Audi with cruise control and this if set at for example 30MPH will keep the car at this speed up hill (you can feel car accelerate) and when going downhill (you can feel car braking to maintain the set speed)the car only drops out of cruise control mode should i brake or cancel it via the selector.
I use cruise control in the Audi quite a lot mainly in 30MPH especially in known speed traps to keep me below or on the speed limit in these areas flat,downhill or uphill it is far supperior to the cruise cont on the Ford after what i have discovered today.

Hello From Newbie And Need Some Information On Removing Number Light Holders

18 January 2012 - 03:44 PM

Hi All

New to the Fiesta Forum bought the wife a 1.4 Titanium i have put a link to a thread i did on detailing world of the Fiesta and my Audi,have been around on the focus forum for a while but have now sold that on.


im looking for some info/guide as to how to remove the number light holders i have bought some LED lamps to fit,i have just had a quick look and put a small screwdriver in to try and prize it open it moved a little but i didnt want to force it incase i broke it,on my audi they were a nightmare to remove had to push and pull withfingers at the same time any help gratefully received


Fiesta Titanium 1.4 Petrol Advice/running Costs

14 December 2011 - 01:00 PM

Hi All

First post on the Fiesta forum.My wife currently has a 55plate focus titanium 1.6 petrol that we bought new,my kids are now out of the pushchair so we have decided to downsize after looking round at various cars we have decided on the Fiesta 1.4 petrol titanium have a good offer for a deal on buying new(originally was looking at used).I was originally looking at the 1.4diesel engine but it is an extra 1000 to buy and TBH for the mileage she does(mainly around town)i dont think i would get any benifit from the diesel cost wise over the period of us owning the car.But that is what i have posted this thread about.
Looking for some advice from current owners of both petrol and the diesel 1.4 engines running cost wise MPG servicing costs ect,i know there is a 100 difference in the annual tax so that in affect is 300 of that 1000 above over a 3 year period.Also thinking of getting the car on ford options we did that on the focus but decided to keep it after the 3 year period its now 6years old and time to downsize.The focus has done exactly what it says on the tin got x2 kids in (in the boot!!) pushchairs in boot shopping ect my only complaint on the car is that it only averages 29MPG we are forever filling it up (or what feels like we are).
So any advice on the fiesta will be gratefully received probably going to decide by the weekend if we are going to buy but i am 75% leaning towards it.



55 Plate Focus Titanium Front Arm Rest Replacement

16 November 2011 - 07:31 PM

I have broken the centre front arm rest in the wifes car today,the bottom half has snapped off completely and the top "leather half" is still in position but has one bracket snapped.Can anyone tell me how to remove the rest of the cover (i could snap it off)and then replace with a new one,i noticed the panel behind above the ashtray removes,i have broken my leg(not today!)and am in plaster cast so i could not investigate if there where any fixings in the rear to remove.Also can anyone point me in the direction of a cheap replacement (if such thing exsists) or i will have to wait until im back on my feet and try the local scrap yards.