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In Topic: more power please??

26 August 2008 - 09:33 PM

cheers all ill av to chek my speedo wit a sat nav and will try all the other bits shud be gettin money sooon well payed fri thanks for advice:)

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25 July 2008 - 09:37 PM

I take it you are saying the top speed is less than before ? or is it something else?
I think they normally run 14" wheels if you have changed the size the speedo will be off a bit.

yeh the top speed is quite bit less than begfore i went from 13'' to 15'' inch and i thought my speedo was out but seemed pretty acurate when i used a sat nav

In Topic: more power please??

24 July 2008 - 09:18 PM

K&N will make a difference yeah cause it increases the amount of air that flows into the car, and when theres more air the car requires more fuel meanin u get more power, although the other alternative is to try a mod chip in which goes on the air intake sensor, it sets it to a default so it takes in more air then it needs which does the same as above but increases ur bhp more

cant chip anything on my car to old no ecu or sensors on it i dont think thanks for your help:)

In Topic: more power please??

23 July 2008 - 09:04 PM

An air filter change and a good service may sort it out for you mate, or upgrade the air filter and a new exhaust system so there is less restriction for it.

And welcome to FOC

thanks loads just done an oil change got her up a lil u think a K and N woyuld make a difference or 4 point spark plugs ?

another question.. high octane petrol really worth that lil bit extrra a litre?