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Think It's The Starter Motor :(

13 November 2010 - 12:36 PM

Afternoon guys!

I wonder if anyone can advise.... 80% of the time I start the focus (mk1 1998 s plate 1.8 ghia), there is a sort of grinding / whirling / clinking noise after the key has been released and the car started.

Would anyone think this is the starter motor?

Thanks in advance guys!

Central Locking

27 May 2010 - 03:14 PM

Hey guys,

got a technical question regarding the central locking on me motor.

the remote battery is dead and i am waiting for a new one to be delivered, but....

the central locking works intermitantly when locking either of the front two doors. sometimes all doors lock, but sometimes only the door with the key in it.

aswell as that, the rear drivers side door does not register any locking or locking if the central locking does decide to work.

do you guys reckon that with a new battery, the whole system will decide to work properly? or do you think that it is knackered? lol

cheers in advance.

Front Interior Light

26 May 2010 - 10:37 AM

Hi guys,

Im pretty new to Ford, having owned VW, Renault (twice) Vauxhall (whoops) and BMW, ive now joined the focus bandwagon as myself and the future wife wanted a new car with better mpg than 30 to 35 from a 1.4 clio!!

Anyway, i like to do the DIY route and fix things myself, but i am a little lost with this one.....

The front interior light has had a fit and decided to play silly buggers!

The middle slide switch has lost all pressure and pulls straight out. I took it apart last night and had a look and i think there may be a piece missing. The black switch slots into the main light unit and i assume the small square copper plate locates over the black shaft of the slider swith. Then theres a small cone shaped spring which again, i assume, goes over the black shaft. Confusion starts now as there is nothing to keep the spring in place and keep pressure on the switch to "click" on wither of the three light settings.

Any ideas guys? Please! lol


Morning All!!

26 May 2010 - 10:17 AM

Hi all, been looking on here for a while now as have just bought my first ford!

got my hands on a tidy mk1 1.8 ghia in blue, pretty sweet!
have had a variety of cars, and as share a car with the future wife, we had to decide on a car we both like, personally, i think a focus st170 would have been fine, but hey, its not that bad lol

anyway, very happy with the drive of it, very direct.

what do people think the averge mpg is on it? my old clio was getting 30 to 35 mpg. not a 3 litre v6, but a 1.4 auto lol, just hoping to get more than that!!

sure ill be back soon!