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Heavier Clutch On A Fiesta 1.0 Ecoboost 2014?

13 August 2014 - 07:19 PM

hi guys ,

just  traded up to a 2014 1.0 99ps ecoboost titanium model today after traading in a 1.4 fiesta zetec 2012 plate petrol and a couple of things make me think

it feels like this clutch is heavier than my mark 7 car ,it could be in my mind but has anyone else thought the same .


and the main difference is the engine ,talk about chalk and cheese . my 1.4 was reving at 3000 rpms a t 70 in 5th whereas the new car barely makes 2400 revs which is great ,but when going at speeds 30-50 it dont like 5th car seems to vibrate and its happiest in 3rd anything up to 35 .

so is this normal ,like for town driving id be in 3rd mostly i thinkj .

the gearing is miles different to my prev car and i know itll take some getting used to and i love the new one ,its just these 2 little niggles in the back of my head that i hope someone will put me right on


any thoughts appreciated


thanks kevin

ps my proifle is incorrect i have a fiesta not a focus