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Ford Ka Replacement Wiring Looms Help

15 September 2013 - 07:22 PM



i'm wondering if someone could help me a little.


Both doors wiring need replacing but i have a few questions:


Do i need to remove the lock mechanism bolted to side of door in order to re-fit power cables and if so how do you remove as i'm finding it gets stuck against a metal strut and 'anti-theft' box with sealant around it. Do i need to disconnect the 'pull lever cable',gut the whole door? or is there a knack to getting it out without disconnecting everything too much?


How does the plastic gromit attached to door side pull out?


finally,any advice on any differences in wiring looms (i shall prob buy off ebay) my ka has central locking and speaker cables but is not the remote keyfob type.


Thanks all,any help appreciated.


Locking the car manually with key at moment.