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Fiesta 2012 Auto Light Switch?

12 August 2013 - 08:35 AM


I am an owner of Ford Fiesta 2012 "Trend" 1.4 gasoline.


From my previous car I have been used to lights automatically switch on (when I start the car) and switch off (when I lock the car).

In this car I have to manually switch the lights on/off, which isn't a problem, except that I forget a lot and it's against the law in my country to have the lights off when driving.


The car currently makes audible noise, when I forget to turn the lights off. However, it does not remind me to turn the lights on!


I will be happy with either the extra audio reminder, or the automatic lights switch, or really anything else that might resolve my problem.


I've been calling around a bit and found out that the mechanics can install a relay for 60€ ($80) which takes care of it, but the battery will wear off quicker for some reason.

Yet another mechanic tells me that the relay will be installed as a "GEM" module (or something to that matter) and that this will not present a problem.


The extra audio noise is cheaper, but both of mechanics have never done this before (on this car), so I'm kind of weary of this option.


Can anyone else shed some light on the matter? Will the relay really wear my battery faster, or can I safely install it?