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18 Inch Wheels & Tramlining

11 June 2010 - 07:59 PM

Hi, has anybody else got a problem with 18" alloys on an S-max and having the car steer itself - where you do not want to go - on poorer quality roads (joints, cambers.....)? I understand that this is called tramlining..... caused by wider low profile tyres & exacerbated when tyres are "extra load" with stiff sidewalls.

Car = 2007 1.8TDCi 125hp, bought second hand just before winter. As soon as the snow came I had no grip, so changed the wheels ASAP to winter tyres (215/60/R16) on steel wheels for last 5 months & no tramlining problems - now worried to put alloys back on. Tyres on alloys are 235/45/R18 continental sportcontact 2 which are worn with limited tread (2-3mm) and basically have solid bands of rubber running along the circumference and almost no tread pattern left - that is not helping also.

I need new tyres anyway, need to decide if I buy some new ones for the 18 alloys or fork out a lot of cash for new 17" or 16" wheels + tyres? Michelin Primacy HP sound to be a good choice for tyre. Any experience out there?

Who else has experience with tramlining in an S-max on 18's? Any advice on which tyre make may reduce this? If you don't see it, what tyres do you use?

Hope somebody can advise.....